22 Jul 2015

What Matters for Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy hump day everyone! Chad kicks off the show giving props to the Governor’s office and staff for striking back after a suit was filed claiming the office was slow to respond to public records requests. Then, Carolina Plott Hound Co-founder, Paul Chesser, is in studio to talk all the news that is worth a link. You might be shocked that there is a bill pending in the Senate to have a state cat. The NCAE is also going through some changes with dropping membership, and check out the video from the trolley accident in Charlotte. It’s an hour that will catch you up on the news you need to know and keep you laughing, too. Finally, Chad talks about issues the states that have already increased their minimum wage to $15+ dollars an hour are having including employees requesting a reduction in work hours to stay on public assistance.

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21 Jul 2015

What Matters for Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Chad gets some legal advice in the first hour of today’s show. Elliot Engstrom, attorney with the Civitas’ Institute Center for Law and Freedom, discusses a health form all Kindergarteners have to turn in before a child can enter school that is causing concern for many parents across the state. Elliot also shares how many parents are not aware what questions are on this form that can potentially follow their child around for the rest of their lives.

In the second hour, Joseph Kyzer, Communications Director with Americans for Prosperity NC, is in studio to talk about the upcoming Defending the American Dream Summit. This year’s theme is “Freedom is on the March in the Heartland.” And, Chad will be broadcasting live from the event in Columbus, Ohio. Chad and Joseph also compared notes on charter schools and school choice. Chad wrapped up the show talking about a study on obesity; the scariest place on earth, and how man’s best friend is more like man than we may have known before.

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20 Jul 2015

What Matters for Monday, July 20, 2015

Politics are the name of the game on today’s show. 40th District Rep. Marilyn Avila joined Chad in the first hour to discuss how long she feels the GA will be in session to get an acceptable budget passed. Rep. Avila and Chad run the gamut – from expanding Medicaid to HHS to rainy day funds, to how lawmakers should use discretionary monies in light of the economy. In hour two, NCSU Political Science Professor Dr. Andrew Taylor discusses how moving the date of North Carolina’s primary affects the presidential race. They also get into the rationality of the size of the budget conference committee and the delay in passage of the budget. Will it hurt Republicans on election day if delays drag on too long? All this and more of what matters on today’s show.

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17 Jul 2015
16 Jul 2015

What Matters for Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chad was fired up again today. In the first hour, topics included: renewable energy tax credits, sweepstakes money and how it’s being spent, and Chad tells us how much time it took for the first same sex divorce to be granted after the legalization of same sex marriage. Also, Civitas Institute Senior Policy Analyst Bob Luebke stops by to discuss a school choice study and the event held to share the results with the public.

In hour two, Vice President for Research and resident scholar at the John Locke Foundation, Dr. Roy Cordato, is in studio to give us a lesson in economics. Finally, do crayons cause cancer? A new study says they do. Chad sets your mind at ease over your child’s box of Crayola’s. And, is there a day you’d like to live over again? Would it be a day when you had a root canal? Chad has a story about a man who relives a day at the dentist every day. You don’t want to miss it.

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15 Jul 2015

What Matters for Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What’s in your mayonnaise? Do you know? Do you care as long as it tastes like mayo? The government sure does. Chad spells out how the government is even involved in how much egg yolk and what other ingredients can and have to be included in *your* mayonnaise. In hour two, Chad shares how much time the average taxpayer spent on the phone this year trying to get assistance with your taxes from the IRS. If you’ve dealt with the IRS (like Lisa, the producer), you won’t be surprised. Those of you who haven’t might be surprised. And, when was the last time a Category 3 or higher hurricane made landfall in the U.S.? Can you remember? It was 2005, in North Carolina and named Wilma. Chad gives you the numbers and tells you what the global warming folks are saying now. Those topics and more on today’s show.

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14 Jul 2015

What Matters for Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It was a rocky start with Internet trouble at the studio, but when we got kicked off, Chad was on a roll. Steven Walker, General Counsel and Policy Director for the Office of Lieutenant Governor, joins Chad to look at the good and bad qualities of the state’s charter schools. The legislature is back in town which always provides plenty to talk about. Will the GA be in town until September trying to pass a budget? Based on the House’s 82 Conference Committee choices that could very well be the case.  Finally, when put in a position of power, do you forget who helped you get there? Many do. It’s common for it to happen, but by doing so, as Chad discusses, you can lose the most important qualities in life.

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