13 Jul 2015

What Matters for Monday, July 13, 2015

The planned development of the first solar farm in North Carolina, smart cities, “The Don” Donald Trump, Taco Bell, Data science, and conspiracy theories are just some of the topics discussed on today’s show. Feeding fear can have a huge influence on our lives. Chad gives a serious and satirical look at the collective conscious of Americans.

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10 Jul 2015

What Matters for Friday, July 10, 2015

There was almost too much to talk about on Friday’s show. Chad discusses 1st District Congressman G.K. Butterfield’s impassioned speech to the House on his understanding of the meaning of the Confederate Battle Flag. Civitas President Col. Francis De Luca is in studio to talk about the resignation of U.S. Personnel Chief Katherine Archuleta and the theft of HIS and millions of other Americans personal data. Also, former terrestrial radio host Matt Mittan gives us his view of the state political scene. And that’s just in the first hour!

News 14’s Tim Boyum kicks off the second hour. He and Chad look back at the news of the week. It’s a discussion you don’t want to miss. Finally, Chad and Paul Chesser, co-founder of Carolina Plott Hound gets into some of the more controversial stories from around the State.

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09 Jul 2015

What Matters for Thursday, July 9, 2015

Were Wednesday’s computer outages at the New York Stock Exchange, the Wall Street Journal and United Airlines websites “glitches” or acts of cyberterrorism? Chad examines both sides. In hour two, Chad talks with Susan Myrick about the website Mapping the Left and how money is funneled through/to left-leaning groups. Finally, how conservative is the GOP in North Carolina? What challenges do republican candidates face in 2016? There may be more than most voters realize.  Chad discusses several of them.

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08 Jul 2015
07 Jul 2015

What Matters for Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Chad runs the topic gamut on today’s show – from red light cameras, to funding charter schools, to school board’s incorrect estimations on growth, and that was just in the first hour. In hour two, Chad discusses the response from the Sons of Confederate Veterans on the defacing of memorials honoring those who served and/or were lost during the Civil War and why you should be concerned over happenings in Puerto Rico and China.

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02 Jul 2015
01 Jul 2015

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