09 Sep 2015

What Matters for Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Today’s show is another fast-paced ride starting with Chad admitting he had to pay a substantial fee for not paying his 88¢ toll on-time. Then, Chad breaks news again by revealing $500,000 in grants that are going to the Tryon Equestrian International Center from the Department of Commerce. This wouldn’t be a big deal, but the former Secretary of Commerce, Sharon Decker, was announced as the newly appointed SVP of Strategic Initiatives at the Center weeks later. Then, Chad gets the latest on all the news that’s worth a link from Carolina Plott Hound Co-founder Paul Chesser. Chad and Paul talk about the budget, the Decker debacle and the lack of excitement over Jeb Bush’s visit to Garner. Paul says, “He’s just another candidate with another tax plan.”

In the second hour, Heritage Foundation Senior Legal Fellow Hans von Spakovsky joins Chad to talk about the recently concluded federal trial over the state’s election rules. Hans explains to Chad how, as he says in his article titled, “A Court Smacks Down Obama’s DOJ,” in its telling, the administration pushed a novel legal argument that if a change in election rules might statistically affect blacks more than whites, it constitutes illegal discrimination. Hans and Chad also talk about sanctuary cities and how a bill mentioned by Congressman Walter Jones on this show, Kate’s Law, should be passed by Congress so the President could veto it. It’s a funny and fascinating look at the extreme measures the DOJ has taken to push through their own agenda.

Tomorrow, the little girl that could (and her dad) from Cashiers, NC, Chloe and Josh Crawford and we get another lesson in economics from Vice President for Research and resident scholar with the John Locke Foundation, Dr. Roy Cordato.

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08 Sep 2015

What Matters for Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Yes, it’s officially Fall in the South with Labor Day over. In appropriate fashion, we here at “What Matters” have put away our white pants, skirts, shoes and seersucker suits. It’s strictly winter white until Easter. We start the week with a jolt of energy (and no caffeine) from The Trump Girls, Diamond and Silk. Chad talks with them about how they started supporting Mr. Trump, what they think about the state’s politics and why, having formerly supported Democrats, they feel Mr. Trump is the right man for the White House. It’s an entertaining and fresh interview you don’t want to miss.

In the second hour, AFP State President Don Bryson talks with Chad from where he is doing HR training in Arlington, Virginia. He and Chad discuss the budget that appears to be completed. Don tells Chad when it comes to specific spending measures, he feels that If it’s important enough to be in the state budget funded by taxpayer’s money, then it should be important enough to put your name beside.

Finally, Chad closes out the show with an article on how most people are addicted and some are even overdosing on caffeine. The article states that hospitals are reporting more cases of caffeine overdose because of high energy drinks and even powdered caffeine sprinkled on food. But, is there really a problem or is this more hype? It’s all about moderation, folks.

On tomorrow’s show, Carolina Plott Hound Cofounder Paul Chesser and Election Law Reform Initiative and Senior Legal Fellow Manager at The Heritage Foundation, Hans von Spakovsky.

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04 Sep 2015

What Matters for Friday, September 4, 2015

TGIF everyone! It’s a great show today. DENR Secretary Don van der Vaart talks with Chad about EPA rules, Duke Energy, solar subsidies and more. And, from the beach, News14’s Tim Boyum calls in to discuss this week’s stories. Short summary, but great show. You’ll just have to listen to find out all the great information in today’s show.

We’re taking Labor Day off, but we’ve put together a special show with interviews going back to July 20th with Rep. Marilyn Avila all the way to this week’s interview with “Three Felonies a Day” author Harvey Silverglate. It’s a chance for you to hear from state lawmakers, Mayors, authors and even a foundation president who is uncovering the secrets behind what happened to the Lost Colony. We hope you enjoy it!

Have a great Labor Day weekend and thank you for listening! We’re back live Tuesday at 3 with another week of great interviews including Diamond and Silk – the Trump Girls.

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03 Sep 2015

What Matters for Thursday, September 3, 2015

How would you like to make a 49 on a test and pass? Chad explains that’s passing according to the Department of Education when it comes to grading public schools in the state. Next up is District 29 Senator Jerry Tillman. Senator Tillman tells Chad he thinks it will take lawmakers a week or two past September 18th to complete the budget. He tells Chad he thinks there will be only one bond in the amount of $1-3 billion bond on the ballot next year. The Senator defends his stance on supporting solar subsidies. When Chad asks what democrats are doing, the Senator replies, “I hear there are some good card games going on.”

In the second hour, Director of Education Studies for the John Locke Foundation, Dr. Terry Stoops, is in studio to talk about the test scores released this week on the state’s public schools. He explains to Chad that because DPI changes the method of measurement so frequently, it’s hard to do a fair and accurate year-to-year comparison. Chad brings up a couple of Terry’s blogs, one of which points to a couple of outliers – schools that are especially low-performing – Newton-Conover Middle and Lee County High. Chad asks what Terry would tell parents to do that are continually in low-performing schools. He says you start by asking the school board why this is happening and then take it to the state level if you don’t get the right answer.

Finally, Chad touches on Donald Trump’s press conference announcing he has signed an agreement that he won’t run as an Independent if he doesn’t get the GOP presidential nomination. Chad points out some of the more interesting points Trump makes and how he seemed happier than in the past. And, you don’t want to miss how coffee grounds can save the earth – really.

On tomorrow’s show, DENR Secretary Don van der Vaart and News14 Anchor Tim Boyum.

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02 Sep 2015

What Matters for Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The sun shone brightly on solar subsidies and those who support them after Tuesday’s show. Chad tells you how a gaggle of lobbyists had gathered at the legislature. Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers who ran on a platform against solar subsidies, were backpedaling from their recent support of the subsidies. Hmmm, wonder if there is a correlation between exposing the truth behind who really supports the solar industry on the show, YOUR learning what is really happening behind closed doors at the GA and then taking action, and an active campaign by Civitas and AFP and the 180 legislators made from backing solar subsidies? Next up, Paul Chesser, Carolina Plott Hound Co-founder, joins Chad to talk about all the news that’s worth a link.

Working Title Media CEO Kerra Bolton is in studio in hour two to talk the liberal-leaning side of the political aisle. Chad begins by discussing charter schools and their support. Kerra says she thinks liberals are much less supportive of charter schools than many think. Chad also asks what Kerra, a former democratic consultant, thinks of the legislature. She says she’s still a fan of the Senate. Kerra tells Chad she thinks the Governor needs to use the bully pulpit more often. Chad says he believes McCrory misfires a lot. They agree that he lacks focus on issues unlike previous Governors. Chad asks Kerra if she thinks Senator Phil Berger runs the state and she says she does. Kerra gives her opinion on the future of the democratic party in the state. It’s an interesting take you don’t want to miss.

Finally, Civitas Center for Law and Freedom Staff Attorney Elliot Engstrom is in studio to talk about the lawsuit filed against the City of Belmont, North Carolina, alleging violations of state public records law. The suit was filed on behalf of Dan and Ellen Deitz Tucker who filed a public records request with the city asking to see the results of an investigation into the Belmont Police Department (BPD). The siblings hoped that the investigation would shed light on the death of their sister, Donna, who was an innocent bystander killed by a motorist fleeing BPD officers in 2012. The suit is not about the death, but to clarify the extent to which the city can refuse to release the results of a third-party investigation into its police department.

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01 Sep 2015

What Matters for Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It’s Chad versus the Wilmington Star News in the first half-hour. He takes on their post on school choice, teachers, and divisiveness. Readers slam the paper for its post and its apology for the post on school choice as well. You’ll definitely get a chuckle. Up next is “Three Felonies a Day” author Harvey Silverglate.  Silverglate tells Chad about Supreme Court rulings that have made many of the everyday things we do technically illegal. He says he is a traditional liberal whose world has changed around him. He says college campuses are getting worse because the system is not being changed to repeal some of what he calls insane laws. Silverglate explains that students are being told they can’t speak their minds because it might offend someone who is “hypersensitive.” But, he is confident dramatic strides are being made as students and teachers push back against the extremism on campuses and the jobs in administration that have been created over the last decade are being eliminated. This is a liberal who makes total sense.

In the second hour, District 25 Representative Jeff Collins joins Chad.  Chad asks him about funding teaching assistants and misuse of prior funds. Rep. Collins says either LEA’s need to be responsible for their own budgets or the GA be taken out of the equation. He adds lowering corporate and personal income taxes will make incentives less necessary to attract companies to the state. Rep. Collins says economic studies show consumption taxes are more beneficial to the state. Rep. Collins ends by saying there should be a written version of the budget in legislator’s hands by this Friday.

Chad concludes the show by comparing much of the global effort to save the planet to the key points of socialism. He says the efforts currently being pushed in Alaska by the President are just another example of government trying to control additional aspects of our lives. While there is nothing wrong with being environmentally clean and friendly, the cost to maintain an electric car is exceptionally high.

On tomorrow’s show, Carolina Plott Hound Co-Founder Paul Chesser will discuss all the news that’s worth a link and CEO of Working Title Media, Kerra Bolton, will give us her opinion of the job that the local, state and national government is doing.

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01 Sep 2015

What Matters for Monday, August 31, 2015

Chad starts off the show talking about the state Legislature and all of the dealings going on around the budget. Chad talked about how House leadership won’t come on the show, though it should be their home court. Chad talked about the interview Rep. Nelson Dollar had with WRAL’s Laura Leslie and how Dollar did not give the type of answers you would expect from a conservative. He said that if the House leaders were truly conservative that the House budget proposal would not have increased the state budget so much. Chad pleaded with the House leadership to come back to their principles.

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo spoke about the criminal challenges facing Wilmington, as well as the infamous Kenan Fountain that just seems to attract vehicles. Saffo spoke with Chad about talks to merge some of the coastal areas together, whether that be small coastal municipalities or county and city governments.

Colonel Francis De Luca, president of the Civitas Institute, spoke with Chad about the results of the Institute’s annual unaffiliated poll where only registered unaffiliated voters are polled to gauge the opinions of the fastest growing voting group in the state. More information on the Civitas poll is available on the group’s site at www.nccivitas.org. Chad and DeLuca also spoke about the divide between conservatives in the House and the rest of the House. De Luca spoke with Chad about line items in the budget wasting taxpayer’s money. “They are enabling and subsidizing bad financial choices in the budget,” he said.

Chad talked about a column in the News & Observer, written by Gene Nichols, calling out the state Legislature for its treatment of public education in the state. Nichols railed against the state government and charter schools while talking about how teachers can’t afford to eat. Chad spoke in favor of charter schools and the effect they are having in the state, especially in inner-city areas. Chad said instead of offering solutions, Nichols just complained about what Republicans are doing – in a veiled way.

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