30 Oct 2015

What Matters for Friday, October 30, 2015

Civitas President Francis De Luca hosts the show for Chad today. He explains that Chad had to be put in the hospital after pushing himself too hard. He was supposed to be released today as well, but will need to take it easy for a few days. Francis then delves into Thursday’s protest over the Governor’s signing HB318 into law. About a half dozen protestors blocked the road in front of the executive mansion in a unique way. They were arrested, but it took three hours to get the chains and tubing off their arms. Then, Francis speaks with Congressman Walter Jones. They discuss a wide variety of topics including funding the military, the presidential race, the budget deal, the increase in the debt ceiling, the Governor’s signing into law the North Carolina Worker Protection Act, sanctuary cities, why he didn’t vote for Rep. Paul Ryan as House Speaker, why Americans feel they can’t trust politicians, and so much more.

In the second hour, News14’s Tim Boyum is in studio. He and Francis discuss the last Republican debate – if you can call it that. Tim gets into the first Board of Governors meeting and how Tom Ross didn’t answer whether he would be running for political office again. And, Francis and Tim have a fascinating discussion about media and debates. You don’t want to miss it.

Monday, Francis speaks with Lt. Governor Dan Forest and we feature another town in North Carolina as well for Mayor Monday.

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29 Oct 2015

What Matters for Thursday, October 29, 2015

Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser hosts for Chad today. His first guest is Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director of North Carolina Values Coalition. She and Paul start by discussing how difficult it was watching the Planned Parenthood videos that have caused national outrage over funding the organization. Tami tells Paul even after the videos were made public, it was still difficult to get oversight of the clinics. Tami tells Paul how they helped get wording into legislation that required abortion clinics be inspected by the state. Prior to a bill being passed this legislative session, there were no inspection requirements on the 17 abortion clinics in the state. Paul asks Tami about the lack of support by the Attorney General to defend Amendment One after the Supreme Court nullified it and other state’s marriage amendments. She says the Attorney General did nothing to defend Amendment One. They are asking the legislature to consider the First Amendment Defense Act.

Next, Paul talks to Civitas Election Policy Expert Susan Myrick. She tells him about the changes to the Voter Identification Verification Act which originally included requiring a valid i.d. to cast a ballot. The law went into effect with the voter i.d. requirement going into effect in 2016. So, as Susan lays out, the 2014 primary went well with the law in effect. This was when several groups filed an injunction against the provisions of the law. Paul asked Susan if removing this i.d. provision gutted the intent of the law. She says it took it back to the way it was prior to 2013. Also, Susan clarifies provisional ballots are always counted, not just when a race is close. Paul asks Susan about the revamped “Mapping the Left” website. She tells him how the website works by showing how left-leaning groups are related, funded and their governing boards.

Paul speaks to Agent Pierce of AgentPiercesaid.com about everything. Agent Pierce doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind about any topic. He tells Paul about his trip to Chapel Hill and seeing a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on a Prius. This was leading into the discussion about the Board of Governors and choice of Margaret Spellings as President. You’ll be fully entertained (and informed) by this segment.

Staying in the realm of education, Paul speaks to Jenna Robinson, President and Executive Director of the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education. Jenna tells Paul how generous the state has been in funding the 17-campus UNC system which helps keep tuition lower than it is in most states. She adds the return on investment from higher education is not what it used to be. Paul asks how the BOG’s acceptance of Margaret Spellings is going. Jenna tells him the meeting today was quite smooth. Jenna describes to Paul some ways the UNC system could run more efficiently like optimizing unused classrooms and labs instead of constructing new facilities.

Chad will be back in studio tomorrow when we’ll be speaking with Congressman Walter Jones and News14’s Tim Boyum.

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28 Oct 2015

What Matters for Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Chad is under the weather today, so Center for Law and Freedom Staff Attorney Elliot Engstrom steps in as host. He kicks off by talking about education. First on the show is LadyLiberty1885 herself, A.P. Dillon. She and Elliot discuss the President’s recent pitch to reduce the amount of testing in schools. A report shows students spend about 20 to 25 hours per year on roughly eight mandatory assessments – that includes federal, state and local exams. That’s just too much. Keeping on the same topic, Elliot speaks with Civitas Senior Education Policy Analyst, Dr. Bob Luebke, about Education Savings Accounts (ESAs). Elliot asks him to explain how proposed ESA legislation differs in North Carolina compared to ESA legislation passed in five other states. Elliot explores the possible legal challenges to ESA legislation similar to cases filed over school vouchers.

In the second hour, Elliot analyzes the accuracy of polls pertaining to millennial voters. Central Regional Director with Young Americans for Liberty, Anthony Rodriguez, explains how there are many more conservative millennials voting in elections than reflected in most national and regional polls. This gives hope to many parents who have children of voting age that may be leaning more left than right.

Finally, we all know timing is everything, right? Elliot delves into the definition of transparency and open records requests with Jonathan Jones, Director of Elon’s NC Open Government Coalition. Jonathan explains since North Carolina has no time limit on how long an organization has to fulfill an open records request, there can be no expectation of a timely response from an agency. Elliot asks what Jonathan would take out of sunshine laws. Jonathan says he’d like to see changes in how well police departments report what they are required to turn over without endangering the ability of law enforcement to do their job.

Tomorrow, Carolina Plott Hound’s own Paul Chesser will be hosting the show.

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27 Oct 2015

What Matters for Tuesday, October 27, 2015

AFP State Director Don Bryson hosts the show for Chad today. Don discusses his favorite parts of the state and reveals Bryson City, North Carolina was named for his family. He explains how unaffordable the Affordable Care Act continues to be. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina recently announced they will be hiking rates again this year. Next up, Don speaks to the pastor of First Baptist Church in Charlotte, Dr. Mark Harris. He is speaking with Les Lawrence as part of the ICON Lecture Series on what we can do to keep Christianity from being eliminated in the world. Dr. Harris tells Don how in some places, the rule is, “If you don’t check your religion at the door, you might as well leave.” It’s a great discussion about what is happening to Christians around the world.

In the second hour, Don talks to Americans for Prosperity Vice President of Government Affairs Brent Gardner. Brent tells Don incoming House Speaker Paul Ryan doesn’t like the recently passed budget bill. He says it’s not the way he’d do business, but that doesn’t help the American people. He tells Don the inside scoop on happenings in Congress and what AFP is doing to make sure all Americans stay informed about the issues. Don asks what his office will tackle during the election cycle. Brent says they are trying to make sure people are talking about policy which is far more important than just personality when they go to make their choice for who will run the nation the next four years. Don agrees how important the distinction is between registering as a Republican and being a Conservative.

Finally, Don speaks to State House Majority Leader Representative Mike Hager. Rep. Hager describes how Renewable Energy Subsidies raise the prices on state-made goods several times over. Don jokes that he’s often said a great way to create jobs is to have everyone in the state buy a bottle of “Texas Pete,” which is made in Winston-Salem. Don asks what he’s looking for in the short session. He says they have to get back to the basics of what the state is supposed to do and not all the other non-Conservative issues that do nothing to protect our citizens or educate our children more effectively.

Chad is back tomorrow talking education savings accounts with Civitas Education Policy Expert Bob Luebke.

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26 Oct 2015

What Matters for Monday, October 26, 2015

Do you believe the role of government is to create jobs in the private sector? Most conservatives do not, but, as Chad explains, many who claim to be Republicans are not pushing to enact legislation that is conservative. We’re seeing it across the state in school funding and revitalizing downtown areas with taxpayer monies. Next, Chad speaks to Town of Oxford Mayor Jackie Sergent. She tells him how the town’s businesses keeps customer’s coming back by giving them that “personal touch.” She tells him they are also trying to attract the next generation by creating a new layout for the town to accommodate future growth. Chad asks what she sees happening in the town over the next ten years. Mayor Sergent says she envisions moderate and manageable growth as part of a four county partnership that created footprints for growth and the place where people want to come to get away from the “big cities” in the Triangle. She tells Chad she doesn’t think parties should have anything to do with local politics. It’s a fascinating and informative interview.

Next up is Les Lawrence, a Christian Zionist. He describes to Chad the difference between someone who says they’re anti-Jew and anti-Israel. Mr. Lawrence explains that if you believe the bible is from God, you cannot be anti-Semitic. Mr. Lawrence says it doesn’t take many radical Muslims to create a tipping point similar to that that led to the buildup of the Nazi regime. If you want to learn more about what the world thinks of Israel now compared to the past, you want to hear this interview.

Finally, Chad talks to Civitas President Francis De Luca about misconceptions many in the public have about what stories are newsworthy and whether a story being covered boils down to partisan issues. What do you think?

AFP State Director Don Bryson hosts the show tomorrow with guests Dr. Mark Harris and AFP’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Brent Gardner.

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23 Oct 2015

What Matters for Friday, October 23, 2015

It may be sunny in North Carolina, but in the Pacific, all eyes are on Hurricane Patricia. Chad talks to Joe Bastardi, Chief Forecaster and Meteorologist at Weatherbell.com, who predicts Manzanillo, Mexico could suffer catastrophic damage from the Category 5 storm. Joe says though it will lose strength over the mountains of Mexico, it will retain enough structure to reform in the Gulf of Mexico to bring tropical storm conditions to Texas. And, it’s not done with the U.S. yet. Joe forecasts the storm’s remnants interacts with the jet stream bringing severe weather to parts of the Midwest all the way to the Great Lakes. Joe adds that this storm is being used as proof that global warming/climate change needs to be addressed immediately which is a waste of time. Chad agrees. And, if you want to know whether the hurricane season is over in the Atlantic, you need to hear Joe’s predictions. After all, he is one of the best in the business.

In the second hour, News14’s Tim Boyum joins Chad in studio. They talk about the appointment of Former Education Secretary Margaret Spellings as head of the UNC System and how much she’ll be paid. They also discuss who has dropped out of the race in the General Assembly and who remains. It’s always fun when Tim is in!

Finally, Chad tells us that scientists are trying to lengthen the life of dogs. The most interesting part is how they’re doing it. I think you’ll be surprised.

On Monday’s show, Les Lawrence, author of “Simple Zionism” and ICON Lecture Series Speaker, will give us a preview of what he’ll be discussing along with Dr. Mark Harris regarding the worldwide persecution of Christians and Antisemitism and what we can do about it and the Mayor of Oxford Jackie Sergent.

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22 Oct 2015

What Matters for Thursday, October 22, 2015

It’s a kinder, gentler “What Matters” today. Chad starts by telling listeners, “We hear you.” He addresses some feedback he’s received saying as a host, he wants to disseminate information and focus on issues. He’ll leave the hosts of national shows to be spiteful and take on individuals. Then, Forsyth & Yadkin County Senator Joyce Krawiec joins Chad to discuss SB676 which was signed into law this week by the Governor. It requires insurers to cover the treatment of autism spectrum disorder in the same manner physical illnesses are covered. Senator Krawiec tells Chad a story about a young man she met with whose family had the means to give him treatment early in life. He’s now a student at Vanderbilt University. She tells Chad she was against mandates, but felt if the insurance coverage provided to state employees paid for treatments, all insurers should as well. And, as she pointed out to her peers in the Senate, autism has been redefined as a physical and not mental condition. Chad says the bill helps give peace of mind to families across the state and brings us more in line with other states who have already implemented similar legislation. Chad then asks about recent comments on incentives by state leaders. The Senator tells Chad she doesn’t like incentives. One of her alternatives for incentives is to protect our state’s businesses. She put forward the Foreign Judgements Bill that says companies in North Carolina cannot be sued in foreign courts.

In the second hour, Onslow & Pender County Representative Chris Millis joins Chad to share how Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has called him out for his Protect North Carolina Workers Act. Clinton says the legislation is “simply unacceptable.” Rep. Millis explains how passage of the bill enhances North Carolina’s ability to handle immigration issues like “sanctuary cities” and the harms associated with invalid forms of identification (like voter fraud). Chad asks his thoughts on the recent decisions by some of his fellow lawmakers to not run for re-election. Rep. Millis agrees that the long session probably had a lot to do with their choice. Chad thinks next year we’ll see a spirited debate over Democrat and Republican instead of conservative and liberal which he’d prefer. Rep. Millis agrees. Chad asks what he would like his and his conservative contemporaries to accomplish that they didn’t this budgetary session. Rep. Millis says if he’s limiting it to the budget, then the most important measure is continuing to drive down tax rates for individuals.

And, did you know there’s a city in Norway that wants to ban cars entirely? Officials are pushing to do so in downtown Oslo. It’s all part of a pledge to reduce those horrible greenhouse gases.

News14’s Tim Boyum joins us tomorrow.

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