21 Oct 2015

What Matters for Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy “Back to the Future” day! Yes, it’s the day Doc Brown takes Marty to in the second movie in the franchise and it’s being celebrated around the world to Chad’s amazement and producer Lisa’s delight. After a few minutes chatting about the phenomena, it’s back to business. Chad shares an article from “The New York Post” titled ‘Donald Trump is doing America a Service.’ While he doesn’t agree with the whole article, he especially likes how writer Bob McManus phrased why he thought Trump continues to poll well no matter what controversial thing he says. McManus says Trump resonates to voters, just like his very simple and relevant message because,  “Disquiet rooted in a persistently weak economy, a chaotic foreign policy, growing national-security concerns and domestic social turmoil is aggravated by the sense that dissent — or even questioning conventional wisdom as defined by America’s condescending elites — is not only improper, but also immoral.” Then, Carolina Plott Hound Cofounder Paul Chesser is in studio. He and Chad talk about Janet Cowell’s retirement and how many thought she would be chosen as the next leader of the UNC system. Paul tells Chad one of the stories that got the most clicks the past week was by an NC State student who compared Democratic Senatorial candidate Mayor Chris Rey to the main character on the NBC show “Parks and Rec.” It’s always amusing what makes people click on a story.

In the second hour, Students for Liberty Executive Director (and former Mayor of Coats), Johnny Shull, is in studio to discuss the situation with the UNC Board of Governors and who would be the best candidate to run the UNC system. Johnny tells Chad there are systemic problems with higher education in the country. He says the system which was already on the decline, started to fail massively with the advent of the ‘No Child Left Behind’ program. He tells Chad, “What we saw with ‘No Child Left Behind’ is instructors teaching to the test and not instructing.” He tells Chad having to work with the UNC faculty may be challenging for Margaret Spellings. Her past experience hasn’t given her the political and educational background he feels is needed to win the respect of the educational community. Chad asks if we’ve cheapened higher ed in the country with online and community college programs. Johnny says he thinks the breadth of opportunities available are a good thing, but it still matters where you receive your degree. Chad asks if he thinks Spellings is the best choice for the position. Johnny clarifies he doesn’t. They also delve into the presidential candidates, what republicans are doing right and what they aren’t, and so much more. It’s an enlightening look at politics locally and nationally from someone who’s been on the inside.

And did you know eating late (after 6 p.m.) can make you gain weight? You did? So does almost everyone. Therefore, we needed to study this because?

We’re talking sanctuary cities and more on tomorrow’s show.

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20 Oct 2015

What Matters for Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A recent state leader’s argument that Incentives are the key to continued job growth sets Chad off from the start of the show. As he points out, what many don’t understand, the incentives may bring a company to our state, but they don’t keep them here. The unanswered question really is, “What can we do to keep existing and/or new businesses in our state?” Then there’s the latest on Sanctuary cities. Democrats blocked a vote in Congress to stop federal funding for cities that provide safe haven for illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes.

In the second hour, AFP State Director Don Bryson clears up some misinformation regarding projected tax revenue. Numbers released today show a 1% increase in North Carolina tax revenues and a 13% increase in corporate tax revenues. Chad asks about new campaigns AFP is pushing. Don talks about their push to keep a possible double digit increase in electric rates from occurring. They’re holding the Attorney General accountable for his support of standards under the EPA’s clean air act which would increase energy rates by approximately 14%.

And, Chad closes out the show talking lawmaker’s salaries with North Carolina Free Enterprise Foundation Executive Director Joe Stewart. Chad and Joe discuss the best and most effective way to keep our lawmakers working efficiently without restricting them from conducting the business they were elected to do for their constituents. Joe agrees with Chad that changes need to be made to keep lawmakers on a strict schedule, but says pay should also be reevaluated. When it comes to incentives…you’ll have to listen.

On tomorrow’s show, find out all the news that’s worth a link from the past week with Carolina Plott Hound Cofounder Paul Chesser.

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19 Oct 2015

What Matters for Monday, October 19, 2015

Have you heard much about Obamacare co-ops? Few have, because, as Chad explains, these federally-funded healthcare organizations are competing against private industries and paying executives lavish salaries using taxpayer dollars. Chad challenges listeners to search the ‘New York Times’ for any articles on Obamacare co-ops. And, a middle school principal in San Francisco won’t release the results of a recent student election. Why? Chad tells us how the reason is similar to the current situation with the UNC Board of Governors.

Then, Chad speaks to Highlands Mayor Patrick Taylor. Mayor Taylor tells Chad the trees are at peak color right now. Chad asks him about the interesting weather in the town of less than 1000 permanent residents. Mayor Taylor tells Chad about the legend behind the creation of the town – the Kelsey-Hutchinson ‘X.’ Chad asks about the ice skating rink that’s being built in the middle of town that, as the Mayor says, will hopefully attract more seasonal tourists. Mayor Taylor says some of the challenges are balancing the town’s beautiful natural resources with maintaining a sustainable economy. They are currently trying to improve cell and internet connectivity to keep the town as a prime tourist destination. It’s a discussion that runs from the first hydroelectric service in the state to what it takes to keep our rural and isolated areas thriving.

In the second hour, Chad goes through a wide range of topics. He starts by sharing an article comparing how much North Carolina lawmaker’s make to those in different states and ends with why the flu spreads in the cold months of winter but lies dormant in summer. There’s a whole bunch of good stuff in between – kind of like a creme-filled cookie.

Guests on tomorrow’s show include AFP State Director Don Bryson and North Carolina Free Enterprise Foundation Executive Director Joe Stewart.

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16 Oct 2015

What Matters for Friday, October 16, 2015

Did you know there’s a relationship between your belief in God and feelings toward immigrants? Chad starts  Scientist are studying  heroic valor and horrific injustice – understanding the triggers in our brains opens the way for researchers to develop a way to treat and/or cure both of these “issues.” Chad speculates as to why religious beliefs need a cure. And then there’s the controversial news of the day about the emergency meeting of the UNC Board of Governors. Civitas President Francis De Luca joins Chad to discuss the issue. Francis says the real story is the breakdown of the 32-member board. Both Chad and Francis agree having 32 people on a board is too many. Whether the whole meeting was actually an emergency is up for debate.

News14’s Tim Boyum is back from the happiest place on earth to discuss the big stories of the week. Chad and Tim go into the reasons behind the removal of some higher staff members at the Department of Public Safety. Tim says of greater importance to him are the announcements by several Republicans lawmakers they won’t be running for re-election. He says this could lead to a complete change of guard at the legislature. And there’s so much more. It’s always fun when Tim is in.

Finally, Chad closes out the show by delving into the details of who is running for what and why with Civitas President Francis De Luca. Chad asks his opinion on how well Deborah Ross will do against the other democratic candidates running against and, if she wins the primary, against Senator Richard Burr. Francis says he’s not sure Ross can raise enough funds to win the primary, but she is definitely perceived as more native North Carolinian than Senator Burr. That’s just where they get started.

On Monday’s show, we see how life is in Highlands with Mayor Patrick Taylor.

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15 Oct 2015

What Matters for Thursday, October 15, 2015

It’s a beautiful Fall Day in North Carolina – and a busy news day! Chad starts the show with a simple question – are you happy? Researchers at UNC have studied what makes people happy and the effects not being happy can have on your life. One of the key happiness triggers is – you might be surprised – work. And, happier people live longer. Chad wonders why we had to pay for a study to learn what is relatively obvious. If you want to know what else the study uncovered, you’ll have to listen.

Next, Chad delves into the intricacies of the first Democratic Presidential debate, and who will be left on the GOP side by the March primaries, with NCSU Political Science Professor, Dr. Andrew Taylor. Dr. Taylor says right after the debate ended, analysts were declaring Hillary the victor, but it didn’t take long for the tide to turn to what seemed obvious to him, Sanders won. Chad marvels at how Americans are just blindly accepting an admitted Socialist as a viable candidate for President. They agree the other three Democratic contenders can throw in the towel now. Chad points out how Trump is still polling well – and getting more notice than all of the Democratic candidates just from tweeting during the debate. He asks Dr. Taylor when he feels GOP candidates will start dropping out of the race. Dr. Taylor says the field is already being winnowed. He thinks Fiorina, Carson, Rubio, Bush and perhaps Cruz will still be on the ballot in March. He adds Trump will be in if he’s still having fun. It’s an animated discussion that really makes you think – and chuckle, too.

In the second hour, Chad shares the latest poll numbers from Nevada and South Carolina showing Donald Trump far ahead of the 14 other GOP candidates. Chad also talks about Dr. Ben Carson suspending his campaign for two weeks to promote his new book. Chad questions this reasoning when Carson’s poll numbers are so high. And, did you know Obamacare caused a school to close? It did.

Finally, we all know obesity will kill you, right? Uh, maybe. Chad has news about a recent study that shines a new light on what may really be killing us besides just being overweight.

On tomorrow’s show, News14’s Tim Boyum is back in studio to discuss all the stories that made news this week.

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14 Oct 2015

What Matters for Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It’s an interesting news week – especially politically. Chad starts with news of a big shakeup at the Department of Public Safety. Chad then goes through some of the more memorable moments of the first Democratic debate. For example, Bernie Sanders explaining that he’s a Democratic Socialist and Hillary Clinton addressing gun violence by demonizing the NRA and gun manufacturers. Next, Chad chats with Carolina Plott Hound Co-founder Paul Chesser about all the news that’s worth a link. Chad and Paul discuss some of the reasons for the seeming rash of announcements from House Republicans who will not be seeking re-election. Chad says he thinks the long session and an uptick in same party infighting was a large contributor to the exodus. Paul says he’s not looking forward to all the political ads that will fill the airwaves starting in December.

In the second hour, Chad talks global warming with Climatologist, Author, and Former NASA Scientist Dr. Roy Spencer. Dr. Spencer challenges a blog by WRAL Meteorologist Greg Fishel addressing climate change. Dr. Spencer agrees with most of Fishel’s science, but feels he’s misguided in his conclusions. Chad asks Dr. Spencer to explain the stratosphere is cooling.  Dr. Spencer tells him, “We don’t know.” Dr. Spencer tells Chad our educational system is contributing to the “dumbing down” of our children by teaching them the misinformation that wind and solar energy are “free and generate plenty of affordable power.” He says educators need to tell the truth – fossil fuels are the only affordable form of energy at this time. It’s a riveting discussion of science, weather, politics and religion. Trust me.

Finally, Chad explains that if you’re not paranoid, you’re crazy. Really. Now, don’t you feel better?

On tomorrow’s show, we get a full breakdown of the Democratic debate from NCSU Political Science Professor Dr. Andrew Taylor.

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13 Oct 2015

What Matters for Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The surprise announcement by State Treasurer Janet Cowell is the kicking off point for today’s show. Chad shares his thoughts on the possible strategies behind both the Treasurer and Attorney General’s announcements. He notes the three Republican Governors elected over the last century have been from the western part of the state while the most recently elected Democratic Governors have primarily been from the Eastern half. Does proximity to the capitol mean anything when you’re trying to get elected or re-elected? It’s a question Chad asks Pope Foundation President and author of “Catalyst, Jim Martin and the Rise of North Carolina Republicans,” John Hood. John talks about how contentious the races were in the 80’s – especially between the eastern and western parts of the state even within the same party – some coming to fist fights. John shares personal stories from the book told to him during interviews with the people who were there during Martin’s tenure. He tells Chad some of the more entertaining stories came from former Secretary of State Rufus Edmisten (and if you know Rufus, that’s not a surprise). John theorizes there are two tasks Jim Martin and his team had to accomplish to get elected: 1) detach voters from their natural historic home in the democratic party, and 2) attach voters to the republicans up and down the ballot by offering them clear policy on issues. John tells Chad Governor Martin had a much tougher time getting policy passed during his tenure than Governor McCrory has so far. It’s a great interview and history lesson!

In the second hour, AFP State Director Don Bryson is in studio. Don and Chad breakdown the GOP candidates and the problems they may face in the upcoming election. Don says AFP scores Senator Richard Burr highly on his voting record, but he may have a perception problem because many voters think he’s become a Washington politician instead of remaining a North Carolina man. Chad asks how AFP works to defeat issues that keep being resurrected even when they seem to be dead. Don says voters help with issues like the Export-Import Bank, something AFP worked on terminating and succeeded, which was reversed when Congresswoman Renee Ellmers introduced legislation to restart it. Don says he doesn’t understand her motivation. It’s always a great conversation when Don’s in.

Chad speaks briefly to Netsmart President and Wake County District D candidate Ken George about how he could get over 40% of the votes and still have to participate in a runoff. And, he closes out the show by playing a speech from a “Dragnet” episode from the 1960’s that could be applicable today.

On tomorrow’s show we learn all the news that’s worth a link with Carolina Plott Hound Co-founder Paul Chesser.

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