17 Nov 2015

What Matters for Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Campaign spending, ethics and terrorism – all topics of discussion in the first half-hour of today’s show. Another state politician is having issues with campaign spending. Does this mean political ethics is an oxymoron? Certainly not. But, it does imply what is acceptable to the American public is radically different than a few decades ago.

House Majority Leader Rep. Mike Hager was in studio sharing his feelings on the Governor’s call for a halt to more Syrian refugees be allowed in the state until the vetting process is further revealed. Rep. Hager tells Chad they will get rid of the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard. Chad asks if Republicans can mend fences in the House. Rep. Hager says members may be fractured, but ultimately they will hold fast and come together again.

In the second hour, AFP State Director Donald Bryson talks to Chad about their “Free the Grid” event in Wilmington last week. Chad asks Donald how to get across to their average voter that while we all want clean energy, we want it to be affordable. It’s very difficult to make the leap until you look at your bill then it becomes quite clear.

Finally, Chad shares that the Leonid meteor shower can be seen in most places early tomorrow morning even if it’s cloudy or you live in the brightest city. It’s going to be shown online!

On tomorrow’s show we have Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser and we’ll learn about software that tracks terrorists from Predictify.me Co-founder and CEO Rob Burns.

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16 Nov 2015

What Matters for Monday, November 16th, 2015

Chad opened the show by talking about Gov. McCrory’s request for the federal government to halt their sending of Syrian Refugees to North Carolina.

In the first hour, Chad interviews the Mayor of White Lake, H. Goldston Womble on the legislature in White Lake and the surrounding area. “Sometimes in a community like White Lake, Legislatures don’t look at the negative impact new laws might have on our community.” Says the Mayor.

In the Second hour, Francis De Luca comes on the air to talk about the Islamic and Radical Muslims in America, they address the Democratic party and their willful blindness to the agenda of the radical Islamic population.

To close the show, Chad gives his final thoughts on topics discussed with Francis on the problem in France and some of the problems in our own back yards.

Have a nice evening!

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13 Nov 2015

What Matters for Friday, November 13, 2015

Transparency – we know the meaning, but sometimes it’s not so clear for those in elected office. Chad speaks to Nick Ochsner, Investigative Reporter at WBTV. He tells his side on the campaign finance story about House Speaker Tim Moore. Chad also reads the letter sent from the Executive Director of the NCGOP.

In the second hour, News14’s Tim Boyum is in studio. Chad and Tim delve into the definition of ethics, transparency, credibility and the importance of maintaining a good reputation when you’re in a job that puts you in the spotlight. Chad says he thinks we’re not hearing a lot from the state’s Democrats because they’re looking for a message to resonate with voters. Tim says the first week of December will be crazy. There is a big question over who will and won’t run in the short time that’s left to register to run.

And your cat is not going to kill you. Happy Friday the 13th!

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12 Nov 2015

What Matters for Thursday, November 12, 2015

Scandals, misprints and announcements take up the first part of the show. 6th Congressional Republican District Chairman A. J. Daoud calls in to tell Chad he’s going to announce he’s running for Secretary of State at the Old Capitol Building Friday. Then, AFP State Director Donald Bryson clears up a misprint. And, Chad talks about the latest happenings between WBT-TV, the NCGOP and the House Speaker.

Bob Lee of www.bobleesays.com is on the show to talk with Chad about the goings-on at Missouri State University, and his popularity in Chapel Hill. November is one of the months that we can “crack down” on the school systems in North Carolina. They talk about the North Carolina University system, and how it’s scary that the chancellor’s of the schools get blamed for what the surrounding community does. Is student government responsible for the liberal pull on high school students? Bob Lee talks about the conspiracy theories surrounding local and state government.

Civitas Senior Education Policy Analyst, Dr. Bob Luebke, joins us to talk about Senior Education issues with Common Core, picking apart the News & Observer reports along with one of Luebke’s pieces as well. “It’s a good set of standards, not a good curriculum” says Chad. Is common core the highest set of economic standards? Is it appropriate for the age groups that we are teaching? Common Core was implemented in a horrible way, in order to create a system and a curriculum that is effective, there must be a smooth transition from one method to another.  Looking at the national polls, common core was widely unaccepted.

Elliot Engstrom tells Chad about his new show, “Closing Arguments with Elliot Engstrom” which begins Friday at 1 p.m. He also shares some of his experiences at Law School and teases some of his guests.

“Smart Growth loves Green Trails.” It costs a lot of money to put police or security out at nights on the trails. Often they run behind homes, in neighborhoods, and they are the biggest amounts of crime availability there is. And, it’s on taxpayer dollars!

Tomorrow we speak to WBT-TV’s Nick Ochsner and News14’s Tim Boyum.

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10 Nov 2015

What Matters for Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What can liberals learn from last Tuesday’s elections? Especially women and people of color? That Conservatives are more plentiful than polls show and they turn out to vote in most elections, not just some. And, speaking of elections, the debates are the next topic of discussion – both last Friday’s Democratic forum in South Carolina and Tuesday’s GOP Debate on FOX Business Network. NC State Political Science Professor Dr. Andrew Taylor and Chad discuss how Secretary Hillary Clinton continues to maintain her lead. Dr. Taylor feels Democrats are “left with” Clinton. Chad asks Dr. Taylor his thoughts on the candidates that were taken out of the debate. He tells Chad eight is still too many to have a substantive discussion. Chad and Dr. Taylor agree Jeb Bush has to become “Bob the Builder” in order to turn his campaign around. Dr. Taylor predicts there may be a Cruz-Rubio direct rivalry developing. In fact, he believes Cruz may be waiting for a Carson implosion. And, then there’s Trump. Dr. Taylor says he’s playing with house money now so it may get more interesting and hasn’t flamed out as many thought he would by now.

In the second hour, Donald Bryson talks about their recent event, “Road to Reform.” Chad asks if there were protestors. Don says there were not.

Finally, we note the 240th birthday of the Marines with Civitas President Colonel Francis De Luca. He shares a history of the Corps with Chad.

With that, we conclude today’s show. We have a special show for Veterans Day and will be back live in studio Thursday at 3 o’clock with special guest Civitas Senior Education Policy Analyst Dr. Bob Luebke and Bob Lee from BobLeesays.com

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10 Nov 2015
09 Nov 2015

What Matters for Monday, November 9, 2015

Is there a possibility that the Carolina Panthers will go to the Super Bowl? They just might!

Public access to government information has been a challenge in North Carolina, however, there was no state in the United States that were completely and totally open about their information. Media says we have a right to information, but there’s no law. You have a right to it, but if they don’t get it to you in a timely manner, there’s no point. Laws aren’t enforced, and that’s how the grades were distributed.

Speaker of the House Tim Moore tells sources why he won’t give them an interview. “So I’m speaking with your communications person and she told me she would not make you available for an interview.” To which he replied “I give interviews to reputable sources.” When asked why he wouldn’t give an interview, he stated that the questions were biased and slanted and that they were misstating facts. Basically, they didn’t try to make the question and answers sound good and it only hurt his percentages. Also stating that he is not itemized in his spending. Tim Moore has been investigated and it was discovered that he is paying his rent, writing checks to himself with his campaign money, also using it for other types of personal expenses. The lesson here Ignoring the media is never a good strategy of defense for misrepresented stories.

Eastern vs. Western Style, this is the league of legends here in North Carolina. Mayor Newell Clark of Lexington, North Carolina discusses Red Slaw, tomato-based BBQ and the debate between Eastern and Western styled BBQ. “We’ve got to reinvent ourselves across the state and look at our ancestry and making ourselves more like the old country. We started with BBQ, it’s what we’re known for.” When we talk about redefining the economy, we have to see the drivers pop up and continue to grow. Lexington knows that it is a part of the bigger picture, and as a region the people hope that if the communities around North Carolina continue to work in our communities to strengthen our state.

Mayor Newell Clark says that when people ask which social party he belongs to, he says “Listen to me, and tell me if you can agree with my ideas. That’s what’s important.” And then he goes onto to comment that the government cannot create jobs, but it should simply create an environment in which opportunity thrives. After the break, Newell Clark talks about his reelection and how the town council makes changes to the measurable goals. “You could walk through Lexington and ask someone ‘What’s going on here’ or ‘What’s your mayor doing?’ and they would be able to tell you.” They are much more transparent as a governing committee, instead of keeping the people in the dark and using an ulterior motive to do the greatest good for the greatest number. Lexington is creating a lot of investments into skate parks, splash pads, and many other things. In doing this, they bring the city hall into the mix as a collateral piece. They’re trying to create jobs, stimulate economic growth, and ‘make it pretty’ by investing in themselves.

Civitas President Francis De Luca joined the show, opening talking about his previous Military service. They go on to discuss the definition of ethical. “They get caught for filling out a paper wrong, it’s not that they did something sinister and attempted to cover it up.” Chad comments that most the time, it’s hard to determine if the motivation was honest or dishonest. He reflected on Tim Moore once again, and asks Francis what he thinks. Francis says that “You don’t have to be a career politician to fill these positions. It isn’t rocket science. We want people with common sense to run for office, not someone that wants to sit in a seat and receive free stuff.” Both Chad and Francis agree that term limits should be stricter in the legislature, “If they’re only there for a limited amount of time, there’s less opportunity to be corrupt. We limit our governor, we limit our local legislature, why not the state and federal?”

Finally, did you know happiness goes down substantially after 30? That’s according to a study done by the NORC at the University of Chicago. Guess it’s time for most of us to pack it in, huh?

Tomorrow we’ll look back at Friday’s democratic Presidential debate and get a preview of the Republican Presidential debate with NC State Political Science Professor Dr. Andrew Taylor and get the latest on what’s happening at AFP with State President Donald Bryson.

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