06 Nov 2015

What Matters for Friday, November 6, 2015

You never know what will happen or who will call in on the show. Today it was GOP 2nd District Congressional Candidate Jim Duncan. He’s running against sitting Congresswoman Renee Ellmers. He tells Chad he made the decision to run against a sitting republican because he felt and had been told by other constituents in the district Congresswoman Ellmers no longer represented their interests.

Next Chad speaks with District 39 Senator Bob Rucho. He tells Chad he’s concerned about the members of the House because of some of the Republicans who are acting more like their Democratic predecessors. Senator Rucho explains how he hard he worked on getting Medicaid reform and transportation issues passed. He says he’d still like to see $17500 is a good baseline to take to zero.

In the second hour, News14’s Tim Boyum joins us from Winthrop University. He’s covering the Democratic Forum. He describes what it’s like behind the scenes at a debate – especially the Sanders and Clinton supporters chanting at each other. Tim says covering these kinds of events are a lot of fun. Chad asks his thoughts on Senator Rucho’s resignation. Tim says there’s the potential for raging war inside the Republican party next year.

Finally, Chad sends out an anniversary wish to his parents who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today.

Monday, we speak to Lexington Mayor Newell Clark for Mayor Monday and get an update on the happenings at Civitas from President Francis De Luca.

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05 Nov 2015

What Matters for Thursday, November 5, 2015

What is mainstream media leaving out of stories about the successes of Common Core curriculum? The history. Do you know how it was developed? Chad tells you. Then, can North Carolina democrats learn anything from the Governor’s race in Kentucky?  Respected Politics North Carolina Democratic Blogger and Political Consultant Thomas Mills says democrats need to be offering solutions that directly address the issues affecting people’s lives and not fall back on traditional Democratic talking points. They are not the establishment anymore so they should make sure that voters know that. Chad and Thomas have a fascinating discussion about democrats, republicans and how they think the 2016 primary and election will look.

In the second hour, Chad speaks with the Division of Employment Security Assistant Secretary, Dale Folwell. He shares what the division does besides provide benefits to the unemployed in the state. He also delves into the fraud and abuse that has been eliminated under policies the Governor implemented shortly after taking office. It’s an insider’s guide to one of the most misunderstood agencies in state government and a must hear.

Then Chad relinquishes the microphone for a segment and Elliot Engstrom, Staff Attorney with Civitas’ Center for Law and Freedom and extern Johnathan Naylor chat about what aspects he enjoyed the most and least during his four months stint.

Finally, Chad closes the show with some fun facts on how scientists have determined you no longer need to rake your leaves!

Senator Bob Rucho and News14’s Tim Boyum join us tomorrow.

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04 Nov 2015

What Matters for Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Car crash with a Politian $2600 first offer for repairs. Officer was wrong, so was the witness according to Politian. Another Politian tried to pay off an FBI agent to give him beer and text messages. Max 37 years in federal prison if convicted on all charges. Illegal for officers to request information without a warrant. Potential charges for attempting to bribe an official federal officer. Relating to Andy Griffith, Aunt Bea, and how some of the cast weren’t very popular with the other staff members. Pat McCrory can do a Spot-on Andy Griffith impersonation. You can always count of stories about corrupted officials. When you see something about corrupted political people, it’s always a democrat says Chesser. Two stories today with unidentified party members. Volunteers at the state fair needed according to the Democratic party website. For so long, not a peep. Why have they been so quiet for so long? “Don’t go to war with organizations that buy ink by the barrel,” says Chesser. “The media, they always were, but they are really in bed with scandals.” Duke was going to put overhead power lines in a remote section of the mountains but changed their mind after seeing the cost to maintain them. They also discuss how the Kentucky Governor’s Race is not all that dissimilar from the one in North Carolina. Thomas Mills wrote about that. Chapel Hill mayor’s race, they threw out an openly gay mayor, it’s reached the point that it’s not about that, it’s about many other things. And so much more.

In the second hour, Chad talks to Students for Liberty Co-founder and President Alexander McCobin. Alexander tells Chad how the organization got its start and just kept growing. He shares a story about a 19-year-old Libertarian student in Brazil who brought together n effort in Brazil that led to millions turning out to a protest to impeach the president.

And, Canadian scientist have determined that men contributing to household chores have a more active sex life. It took a study to know this? Really?

On tomorrow’s show, Democratic blogger and Political Consultant Thomas Mills.

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03 Nov 2015

What Matters for Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How backwards are our laws? North Carolina has many regulations on the books that are common sense, but there are also a lot that are ridiculous. Did you know it’s a felony to steal pine straw? And, there was a case in Durham where a hot dog vendor spent 45 days in jail for selling his fare outside Duke without a license. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as you’ll discover when Chad speaks with Randal Meyer with the Cato Institute.

AFP’s Donald Bryson joins Chad in the second hour. Donald shares information about an upcoming AFP event in Wilmington to help keep energy costs low for all North Carolinians. The “Free the Grid” event takes place next Thursday. There is limited seating, but the event is free so sign up quick. They also discuss AFP’s naughty and nice list of legislators. Chad asks Donald how long he thinks the “short session” will run. Donald thinks lawmakers will get in and out of town quickly. Chad agrees. And, then there’s the Import-Export Bank which was finally dissolved…until Congresswoman Renee Ellmers helped resurrect it. As Donald explains, this FDR-era legislation equates to corporate welfare.

Finally, the world is changing faster than ever. Chad teaches us the correlation between climate change and sex drive. Yes, it’s been studied and no, there’s no real correlation.

Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser and Students for Liberty President and Co-Founder Alexander McCobin join us on the show tomorrow.

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02 Nov 2015

What Matters for Monday, November 2, 2015

Chad is back and he kicks the show off with an announcement by New Hanover County Board of Education member Tammy Covil that she is running for the District 20 House Seat formerly occupied by Rep. Rick Caitlin. Then, it’s Mayor Monday and Chad finds out the latest on the happenings in the City of Kinston with Mayor B.J. Murphy. He tells Chad about the up and downs of the Global Transpark, the Sand on the Streets and Barbeque on the Neuse festivals as well as the PBS show, “A Chef’s Life,” which is filmed there and now entering its 3rd season.

In the second hour, Lt. Governor Dan Forest joins Chad. The Lt. Governor explains what his responsibilities are compared to those of the Governor. Chad asks his thoughts on the last legislative session. The Lt. Governor delves into his idea of leadership. He says he has few enemies. He tells Chad he has a small and hardworking team. Lt. Governor Forest says millennials have to be in charge of their education because of the changing economy, and he is working with the community colleges to adapt to those changes to better serve North Carolinians. Chad reveals the Lt. Governor homeschools his children – not an easy endeavor.

Finally, Chad speaks with Civitas President Francis De Luca about an article in the N&O on Division of Environmental Quality Secretary Don van der Vaart in which he is quoted.

It’s a stellar show you don’t want to miss a moment of – or if you did, you’ll want to hear again!

Tomorrow we talk criminal justice reform with the Cato Institute’s Randal Meyer and find out the latest from AFP State Director Don Bryson.

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