15 Dec 2015

What Matters for Friday, December 11, 2015

Government getting out of the way of business. Chad kicks off the show discussing how the free market, when given the chance, corrects itself. Unfortunately, it’s rare the government stays out of the way long enough to allow those corrections. He uses Uber and Lift as examples of success stories.

In the second hour, Chad talks to News14’s Tim Boyum about his impressions of last week’s Trump rally. Tim says there is no frazzling Trump, even by the most ardent protestors. Chad asks Tim about one of his posts stating cats had taken over the internet. Tim explains this was just another pitch from a Public Relations firm for a story. Neither being cat people, they move quickly to Robert Brawley’s announcement that he is running against Governor Pat McCrory. Tim tells Chad unless he’s able to raise a substantial amount of money, he feels Brawley doesn’t have a shot. Chad and Tim get into how annoyed the Governor’s staff seem to be over Brawley’s entering the race. The two also delve into the allegations by Rep. Justin Burr about House Speaker Tim Moore. Tim says he spoke to House Speaker Moore about campaign finance violations, party infighting and other issues. That interview airs on News14 on December 22nd.

Finally, when do you remember peak oil in the 70’s? Chad shares an article posturing when America will hit “peak Trump.”

Monday we head to the town of Clayton for Mayor Monday when we speak to Mayor Jody McLeod and get the latest on what’s happening at Civitas from President Francis De Luca.

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14 Dec 2015

What Matters for Monday, December 14, 2015

How many times are taxpayers charged for cars that are towed by repeat drunk-driving offenders in this state? Based on ethics complaints being filed by House members against each other, more than one time and a little too much as Chad explains. And, in an update, Chad points out that Senator Ralph Hise has asked the state controller’s office to stop deducting NCAE dues from teacher’s paychecks. However, this does not address those teachers that are paid directly by counties.

Next, it’s Mayor Monday and we head to what’s being called the “satellite town” of Wake County that’s actually in Johnston County, Clayton. Mayor Jody McLeod describes how the town has benefited from the Highway 70 bypass where many towns suffer when bypasses are built. A business owner, Mayor McLeod tells Chad he decided to run for office because he felt it was time to redefine the role of Mayor. He says when he was in his mid-30’s, he saw the average age of the people that were moving into the town were similar to his age while the city council’s average age was almost double. That was causing a stalemate in the town. And with the increased traffic from the bypass, it was definitely time for a change and since then, they’ve seen a huge population increase. Chad asks how he sees the town growing over the next decade. Mayor McLeod says the diversity of the arts community and biopharmaceuticals.

In the second hour, Chad talks to Civitas President Francis De Luca. Chad points out how few days are left before Christmas. Francis immediately brings to his attention how few days are left for those wanting to run for office have to file. Chad tells Francis he feels the bill changing the primary date was almost an incumbent protection act. Chad and Francis delve deeper into the ethics complaint issue and how the House makes technical corrections. They also get into how President Obama is handling the issue of social media and VISA’s. Should political correctness go into the process of determining who is allowed into this country? Francis points out that the Founding Fathers put checks and balances into the basic system of government because they felt no governing body should be trusted without question. Well said.

Finally, Center for Law and Freedom Staff Attorney and “Closing Arguments” host Elliot Engstrom joins Chad to discuss the lawsuit filed against the Department of Environmental Quality to hold Iberdrola to state standards for building a wind turbine farm in Perquimans County. Elliot explains the judge deemed the suit worthy of being heard which gives CLF standing. Elliot explains the next step will be discovery in the Spring unless the AG’s office decides to appeal. Chad asks about other cases CLF is juggling. Elliot tells him about one involving religious liberties and same-sex marriage. It’s a fascinating discussion.

And, did you know the more curse words you know, the broader your vocabulary?

Tomorrow we talk the last GOP debate of 2015 with NCSU Political Science Professor Andrew Taylor and find out what’s happening at AFP from State Director Donald Bryson.

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10 Dec 2015

What Matters for Thursday, December 10, 2015

Chad opens the show talking about Roy Cooper and his climbing to the top of the tax dollar tree and clipping a few branches. Funding more towards education with tax payer dollars so that “We can be smarter.”

After the first break, Brian Belfour joins Chad on the show to establish his views on the transit policies in North Carolina. RTP was one of the companies that have implemented some of the procedures from the Transit policies. Offering transport through Raleigh, of course for a price. This issues is to be proposed to the public in an election in 2016. “It would be cheaper to buy each regular bus rider a brand new Jaguar and maintain it for 5 years than to implement all of the propositions in this policy.” Says Chad. Brian talks about the differences in traffic, how full the buses are, etc.

After the second break, Bob Lee comes onto the show to talk about his blog posts about politics at the moment. “The post has been up for an hour now and it’s already gone viral.” Says Bob. They talk about Thom Tillis, and how interesting his tactics on debate are. For example, when people stood against him, he didn’t have them removed. He wasn’t scared. Now Speaker Tim Moore removes people constantly almost as a punishment. “We never get out of the sandbox.” Says Lee, talking about politicians and election funds.

Chad closes the show with an explanation of the hikes in Obamacare. It only reduced those who were uninsured by 2.7%. The cost curve also bent upward. The expansion raised the price of insurance for others, and depressed job growth, under any other circumstances if an act was this unsuccessful representatives would be moving to fix their mistake. Under the surface, the insurers are not aware of how much they’re charging, and the hospitals don’t know what they’re charging for.

Thanks for listening, we’ll see you tomorrow!

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09 Dec 2015

What Matters for Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Chad opened the show today talking about the governor’s office and the turmoil that it’s in right now. “We can’t just do things and tell people about them later.” Talk of the Interstate 77 tolls came up, along with the growing population of Conservatives on the subject. “I think North Carolina needs to fill Its obligation to the children in terms of the quality of their learning.” It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the next Governor’s race.

After the break, Chad talks about Charter Schools, and Angelia from Civitas joins the conversation to elaborate on the Leadership Conference coming up in March of 2016 telling us where we can register and buy tickets.

Up next, Paul Chesser in the studio to talk about the personal lives of people in Washington and whether that should influence our decisions in the voting booths. Julie Bozeman and her past, along with the recent Facebook posts from Carolina Plott Hound. Paul talks about the jobs available in Breweries in Eden, they will be sending those jobs lost to Virginia.

Spending like drunken sailors! Says Carolina Plott Hound, talking about Politicians giving money to a Natty Greens, a pretty well-off business, why are they giving money to a business that doesn’t need it? Paul brings up the Performing Arts center, and how the $10 million addition to the budget was approved by the city council.

At the top of the hour we are joined by Rob Brawley came onto the show to tell us that he will be running for Governor this term. “Let the public decide if candidates are doing the right thing!” Rob comments on the toll roads and the change in government within the past term. “It’s time to move North Carolina into the direction of integrity.” Talking about the meaning of being conservative and the differences in values between traditional and modern conservativism.

Chad closes the show with talk about terrorism relation to the Muslim faith. The responses will shock you!

See you tomorrow!

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08 Dec 2015

What Matters for Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Chad opens the show with a discussion on health care policies and how we’re leaning toward more socialized methods of insurance, along with giving some of the news segments for today.

After the break, Chad interviews Lt. Governor Dan Forest. They discuss education and many other topics. “Three things that educators fight against: efficiency, accountability, and teacher unions that go against their ways and rules.” Chad and the Lt. Governor also delve into the fundamentals of common core and education regulation. Chad elaborates on the meaning of regulations in an educational system.

Don Bryson joins the show in the second hour, opening with how he keeps organized. Lauren, our intern who’s taking Lisa’s place today, can definitely relate to living off a calendar and planners. Mother Nature Network was part of the discussion today through the idea of renewable energy. Animal populations, along with climate change are the main issues discussed during Don’s interview. The origin of NASCAR and moonshine also came up in today’s show.

Toward the end of the show, Michael Lapaglia came by to announce that he is running as a GOP candidate for North Carolina Secretary of State. To close the show, Chad elaborates on the earlier report of a killer squirrel that’s attacked not one, not two, but five people in California. Following that, he talks about a burglary gone sour when a criminal jumped into a pond to hide from police and was eaten by an alligator. Talk about instant karma.

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07 Dec 2015

What Matters for Monday, December 7, 2015

Chad opens the show with defining a terror suspect. Roy Cooper tells citizens that if you’re on the “no fly” list, you can’t purchase a flashlight or 7+ days of food without being considered a terrorist suspect.

First up, Chad continues to talk about Terror suspects and the way that political storms start. As our guest on the show, Mayor JB Lawrence of Blowing Rock, to talk about keeping the town beautiful. New sidewalks, pavement, and trees in order to keep the town beautiful. Talking about Winterfest at the lake, one of their small town festivals, the last weekend in December they hold their celebration. The Polar Plunge through the lake is a town tradition. In 1999, Mayor Lawrence talks about his creation of the Polar Plunge, and his commitment to it. A winter feast, a winter fashion show, the Polar Plunge, the Chili Cook off, wine tasting, and many more activities are available during the event, and everyone is welcome.

After the break, Francis De Luca comes on the show to talk about the Presidential election and candidates. Will Donald Trump be our new president? Possibly. But, why is it so hard for people in the political field to use the term ‘radical’? Trump doesn’t even say ISIS, according to De Luca, “Since when do we not refer to our enemies as they refer to themselves.” Will Hillary Clinton be able to rebuild herself into the protector of the United States? Will she be able to obtain the position of War Hawk? Will she be that candidate and try to out-tough the Republican candidate? Can she keep out country safe?

When we came back from the break, Jim from Civitas to talk about the Trump Rally and the way the media made it more dramatic than it really was. Jim addresses the way that crowds were stampeding into the arena and how Trump gives his speech in a better way that Romney did? “He doesn’t have a powerpoint presentation, he goes up, gives his speech, talks about some issues, and any questions that were to extensive to answer were addressed ‘hey, we have a beautiful website with that answer on it. Go there.’” Chad asks about a curiosity factor, or if they were a majority supports. “It’s one thing that’s hard to tell, were they supporting? Of course. But will they support Trump in the polls? Maybe?Jim Tynen also said that the protestors were the focus of the media, but Trump wasn’t fazed. He was more amused than he was upset. He connected with the people and made them laugh, he also made a prediction that the media would focus on the protestors more than the things that Trump said. And he was right.

To end the show, Chad summarizes the show and talks more about how terrorism needs a definition.

Join us next time on What Matters with Chad Adams

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04 Dec 2015

What Matters for Friday, December 4, 2015

Clearing the air is the theme of the first part of the show. Chad shares the response we received from the House Speaker’s office regarding coming on the show. He also reiterates our open invitation to the House Speaker and all General Assembly members to come on the show.

Next, Chad speaks to WBTV Investigative Report Nick Ochsner about the riff between House Speaker Tim Moore and Rep. Justin Burr. Chad asks Nick if he has seen anything like this before. Nick explains that, as an Investigative Journalist, he tries to be fair to all parties. Nick tells Chad with regard to the in-fighting in the House, if it was just a public airing of grievances, they wouldn’t be covering it, but the parties involved are taking it to the next level. Chad asks if he has any other public records concerns. Nick says he does. In fact, he asked the House Speaker whether he was going to amend his previous campaign reports to conform to the 2010 law.

In the second hour, News14’s Tim Boyum is in studio. He and Chad run the gamut from State House infighting to Donald Trump’s campaign appearance in Raleigh to Tim’s interview with Rep. Charles Jeter. Tim tells Chad Rep. Jeter who is heading the newly-created House Caucus, told him there will never be any caucus-endorsed battles. Chad clarifies that Rep. Jeter meant the Caucus would only support incumbents. Tim says that was the implication.

Finally, ahead of GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Raleigh, Chad speaks to Katrina Pierson, National Spokesperson with the Donald Trump campaign. Ms. Pierson tells Chad the establishment has been actively trying to discredit Mr. Trump and is not letting up. Chad asks Ms. Pierson about some of the bombastic statements Mr. Trump has made recently. She tells him many of those statements have been taken out of context.

Monday we speak to Blowing Rock Mayor J.B. Lawrence, Lt. Governor Dan Forest, and Civitas President Francis De Luca.

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