03 Dec 2015

What Matters for Thursday, December 3, 2015

Weapons and politics – words not usually used in the same sentence, but they’re both topics Chad opens the show discussing given Wednesday’s tragic shooting in San Bernardino, California that left 14 dead and 21 injured – not including the two shooters. And, given the announcement of another Representative who won’t be seeking re-election next year.

Next, Stanly and Montgomery County Rep. Justin Burr joins Chad. They discuss the response by the House Speaker to comments he made about the last session in a press release announcing his bid for re-election. Chad asks if he was surprised by the venom of Speaker Moore’s response. Rep. Burr says he was – especially when he’d supported Rep. Moore in becoming Speaker. Rep. Burr tells Chad other House members have told him they have concerns about being bullied into supporting agendas they and their constituents do not believe in. Rep. Burr says, “Silence is consent. I can’t sit quietly and support what is going on.” Rep. Burr says he knows the House Speaker had a whisper campaign going on while they were in session. Rep. Burr concludes by simply saying, “I hope we can get past this and move forward in 2016.”

In the second hour, Dr. Bob Luebke, Civitas Senior Education Policy Analyst, is in studio discussing the latest education issues. Chad asks him about a recent article stirring a lot of controversy is the legality of the North Carolina Association of Educators taking dues from teacher’s paychecks without having the state required number of members to do so. Bob explains this is an annual reduction of almost $500 in after-tax dollars for every educator in the state. They also delve into the benefits of Education Savings Accounts or ESA’s. These federal funds, where approved, follow the child, and help parents with children with special needs.

Finally, Chad speaks to House Majority Leader Mike Hager about the situation with House Speaker Moore and Rep. Burr. Rep. Hager tells Chad he’s trying to have a meeting in the next two weeks to work on a solution to move forward and get past this situation. And, Rep. Chris Millis calls in to give his two cents on the issue. Rep. Millis says he wrote a letter to the House Speaker that also went to House Caucus members to try and get this situation settled. He tells Chad he has concerns about what is going on inside the House. Rep. Millis says for the House Speaker to say Rep. Burr was not engaged was untrue. He says his concern, regardless of the two members, though there are varying views between members of the House, everyone should have the opportunity to voice their opinion, and vet it. That’s the process. Rep. Millis says, “It’s about the end result for me.”

News14’s Tim Boyum join us tomorrow.

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02 Dec 2015

What Matters for Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It’s all about the bull. Chad treads carefully through the muck being thrown by House Speaker Tim Moore at Rep. Justin Burr. As Chad points out, this is another befuddling attack by the House Speaker – this time not at a reporter, but at another member of his party. Chad continues talking about the situation with the House Speaker and Rep. Burr with Carolina Plott Hound Co-founder Paul Chesser.

In the second hour, Chad talks global warming with WeatherBELL Senior Meteorologist Joe Bastardi. Joe tells Chad while this is a big El Nino season, there is never a typical El Nino. Joe tells Chad the level of CO2 is the same as they were in 1992. Chad asks Joe what he thinks the powers that be will say coming out of the Paris Climate Change Summit. Joe says he can’t think in those terms because he confronts facts and finds solutions. They are pushing an agenda instead of predicting facts. Joe predicts the next three hurricane seasons will be rough and this winter will be snowy.

Finally, Chad shares some quotes that are either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. It’s amazing how close the two resemble each other.

Rep. Justin Burr, House Majority Leader Mike Hager, Rep. Chris Millis and Civitas Senior Education Policy Analyst Dr. Bob Luebke will be on tomorrow’s show.

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01 Dec 2015

What Matters for Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The climate and how much standards being put in place to control “global warming” will cost companies is the kickoff topic of discussion for Chad. Novozymes, a Denmark-based biofuel company with locations around the U.S. including a plant located in Franklin County, is upset with the President for not “going all in” on new EPA guidelines for biofuel and ethanol production.

Then, former Department of Employment Security Asst. Secretary Dale Folwell announces he’s running for State Treasurer. Dale and Chad discuss the importance of the position of Treasurer. Dale tells Chad, “Everybody talks about fixing things, but you have to know how to take them apart before you know how to put them back together.” Dale tells Chad as State Treasurer he will focus on a significant threat to taxpayers – the $30 billion unfunded liability in the state health plan. Dale says he feels those running for election are actually applying for a job, and sometimes those who are elected on a platform change what they believe in after getting into office. He hasn’t done that in the past and has no intentions of doing it in the future. He finishes by telling Chad, “Good leadership is not about talking, it’s about listening.”

In hour two, Donald Bryson, Americans for Prosperity State Director, is in studio. Chad asks him about the decrease and subsequent increase in rates by Duke Energy. Donald explains that while electric rates are going down starting today, the renewable energy portfolio standard adder is going up starting in January. Chad and Donald also discuss how much revenue the state is losing with outdated liquor laws. Donald questions why thousands of state employees in the liquor business are on the state pension plan.

Finally, Chad concludes the show by sharing his frustration over the cost of healthcare.

Tomorrow Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser joins us.

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