19 Jan 2016

What Matters for Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Is the Republican message getting lost? In an effort to keep some candidate’s off the ballot, Chad questions whether the “establishment” is losing touch with its core by focusing more on candidate’s personalities and less on calls for change by constituents.

Next up is Campaign Connections President Brad Crone to discuss the state’s changing political landscape. Chad asks if it would be correct to say he’s a more moderate Democrat than far left-leaning. He says that’s right. Brad tells Chad two-thirds of the state’s unaffiliated voters cast their ballot for Republican candidates in 2012 and 2014. Chad asks what that means for the gubernatorial race. Brad says the AG will have to run more left than he is right now. He adds that liberals and conservatives will have to win in the smaller counties and municipalities outside the larger cities and the eastern half of the state. When it comes to moderate, conservative Democrats, Chad and Brad both note how Trump is resonating. Brad says Trump is performing so much better with unaffiliated voters than “establishment” conservatives like Ted Cruz. He says Trump is in it to win it. Brad says there is still a lot of open media space available which is surprising. He and Chad agree that ad buys will come down to the wire before the primary. Brad says for the Democratic ticket, Hillary will have to explain to North Carolinians how she’ll run the government.

In the second hour, AFP State Director Donald Bryson joins Chad. Chad reads an article on WTVD about a family who is losing their land, where they’ve held concerts featuring many well-known country music acts, for the CCX Intermodal Rail Terminal. Donald tells Chad a bill was put forward in the Senate after passing unanimously in the house to stop this kind of eminent domain forfeiture of land. Chad brings up the fact that you don’t really own your property – you just rent it from the government. Donald agrees. He tells the story of growing up in a small town of Tennessee and hearing the stories about families being forced off their land at gunpoint by authorities because the TVA was going to flood the land to supply a reliable source of power for rural areas. Chad asks if this has moved up the list of AFP’s priorities. Donald tells him they’ve only be on it for eight hours, but yes, they are going to be taking on the issue. This is a serious issue that, if you don’t know anything about, you probably should learn about it before it happens to you or someone you know.

Finally, a new study shows sleeping in on the weekend might prevent diabetes. And what’s in a name? Is your cheese really cheese or a cheese product or cheese food? Are you sure? How about your chips – are they really chips or crisps? Do you care?

Tomorrow we have The Insider’s Editor Patrick Gannon and Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser on the show.

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15 Jan 2016

What Matters for Friday, January 15, 2016

It’s all about that…debate. Did you think we were going to go Meghan Trainor on you? Nah. Chad kicks off the show giving his opinion of the debate.

Next, NCSU Political Science Professor Dr. Andrew Taylor (our political expert) breaks down Thursday’s GOP presidential primary debate in Charleston. Chad says his description of the push and shove, back and forth battles sounded like he was moderating a mixed martial arts event. One of the points everyone is talking about that both Chad and Dr. Taylor agree on was a win for Trump was the shot by Ted Cruz regarding Trump’s “New York values.” Trump’s demeanor before his answer, Dr. Taylor notes, was unlike his usual, calm and introspective when he talked about how New Yorker’s responded to the attacks on 9/11. Chad says the debates at first were like American Idol tryouts and now we’re down to the real show. Dr. Taylor says it was much more interesting with fewer candidates on the stage. He says voters seem to be more interested in newness and freshness instead of what’s has been the typical candidate in the past that came from the political establishment. Chad asks if anything changed after last night’s debate. Dr. Taylor says he’s not sure it made a big difference other than basically eliminating Dr. Ben Carson. He says the interesting thing about Iowa is how motivated and deep the support for Trump is, but whether the voters turn out will be interesting to see. Dr. Taylor says it will be fascinating to see if he can survive through to the winner take all primaries with his high negatives – even though he notes they are falling slightly. Does this mean we might see President Trump? Hmmm.

In the second hour, News14’s Tim Boyum joins Chad. He was at Thursday’s debate. He tells Chad he found several things very interesting. First that everyone got a very warm welcome; second, there was a lot of booing for Trump; third, the Rand Paul supporters shouted for two to three times then just stopped; and, fourth, how they went to every candidate before talking to Trump. Chad asks Tim about the exchange between Rubio and Cruz about how he voted in the Senate. Tim says he kept waiting for Rubio to have his moment and this was it. He says even though it may have been his rehearsed moment, it went over superbly. Chad asks how the audience response was to Bush and Kasich. Tim tells him it was almost like, “Oh, you’re still here.” He continues to say it’s just too late for both of them. The key is sustainability throughout the primaries for the top candidates – specifically for supporters of Donald Trump. Will they turn up at the polls? Tim sums up saying he thought it was one of the more humorous debates.

Finally, Chad shares an article about seven annoying things to stop doing during the debates. One is giving you guy the benefit of the double-standard. You’ll have to listen for the other six (and they’re all good).

We’re taking the day off Monday in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. We’ll be back live at 3 p.m. Tuesday with AFP State Director Donald Bryson and Campaign Connections President Brad Crone.

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14 Jan 2016

What Matters for Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lesson of the day – before you endorse a candidate, make sure you know all the issues they support. Chad kicks off with GOP presidential primary candidate Senator Marco Rubio’s statement that he wants the U.S. to be a leader in renewable energy. Say what?

Next, Chad speaks to the Investigative Management Group CEO Robert Strang. Bob tells Chad to keep the U.S. safe from terrorism is like a three-legged stool – you have to stay up on intelligence, maintain enforcement operations like drone strikes in the Middle East, and police and security on the streets. Chad questions the political correctness of the term radical Islam. Bob says the term is right. You can take politics out of it, there are still radical Islamists who want to kill Americans. Chad asks if he sees Europe become more problematic as more refugees are taken into various countries. Bob says he does and everyone in his industry does as well. He says we have a lot of work to do in America especially in determining who is here already that may be a threat. Chad asks about border security. Bob says it’s a big issue because four borders – north, south, east and west are all porous. This is an intense and informative discussion you don’t want to miss.

In the second hour, Civitas Policy Director Brian Balfour joins Chad to talk about the economy and taxes. Brian wrote an article on how expanding the sales tax base and eliminating the capital stock tax would be a furtherance of tax reform and beneficial to North Carolina’s economy. Chad says this idea is probably making liberal’s heads explode. Chad and Brian then delve into the complexities of what lawmakers will do if there is another revenue surplus. Brian questions what legislators will do with a revenue surplus if there continues to be one. He says they could put it in a rainy day fund, spend it, or put it toward the budget. Brian tells Chad if there is another surplus, this emboldens lawmakers to further take on tax reform and even eliminate income taxes if they so desire. Brian continues to say there could be an impediment to furthering tax reform – the economy continue to falter as we’ve seen in the past few weeks with the stock market. Chad asks if he anticipates any additional tax reform in the short session. Brian thinks there won’t be a lot of substantive legislation in the session as lawmakers focus more on the upcoming election and getting out of town.

Finally, Chad talks about Nikki Haley’s response to the State of the Union – specifically her comments on Donald Trump. The GOP is not happy over her statements further dividing the party.

Tomorrow, NCSU Political Science Professor Dr. Andrew Taylor and News14’s Tim Boyum join us.

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13 Jan 2016

What Matters for Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Disconnects. They happen every day in many different ways. Chad starts by describing how many in the Republican party are still not connecting with the majority of the American public. He gives a very apt comparison of who gets why Trump is resonating with so many Americans, those who do not and what is happening currently with some members of the General Assembly.

Next, Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser talks to Chad about the stories getting the most traffic today. Paul tells Chad the article on Governor’s campaign confronting WRAL about the station owner’s contributions and journalistic bias. Another article that always gets a lot of clicks is on the Brunswick County lottery winner who keeps bailing out her alleged drug dealer boyfriend. It’s a funny and informative chat you’ll enjoy!

Sanford Herald Editor Bill Horner, III joins Chad in the second hour to talk about his opinion piece on guns. He tells Chad he carried a pistol permit around for a long time before deciding to purchase a handgun. Chad questions why he picked now to buy a gun. Bill says because of break-in’s in the neighborhood. Bill goes on to say that he’s gotten mixed reviews on the article which goes into how he came to his decision. Chad tells him he grew up around guns but understands why people who did not may be uncomfortable with having one. Bill says it’s comparable to his daughter who is just learning to drive being stressed out driving in heavy traffic on the beltline, but as she gets more experience, she’ll become used to it and more comfortable. Bill tells Chad he’s still getting a lot of responses from readers – both positive and negative. “One person told me I should run for head of the Republican party because the story was so slanted,” Bill told Chad. He says what’s being reinforced to him is the difficulty in having constructive dialogue on issues which people disagree. Excellent point, Bill.

Finally, Civitas Election Policy Analyst Susan Myrick tells us which legislative races to watch in 2016.

Tomorrow we have Civitas Policy Director Brian Balfour and terrorism expert Robert Strang.

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12 Jan 2016

What Matters for Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It’s all in a day’s work. Chad kicks off the show discussing his long Monday doing the show and then driving down to Surf City to attend an event for Rep. Chris Millis. He shares that tonight won’t be an early one either. He heads to News14’s studios after the show to help moderate the State of the Union address with Senior Political Reporter Tim Boyum.

Then, Chad speaks to Lt. Governor Dan Forest. They discuss his call for the report on charter schools to be held a couple of weeks past when it is due to the legislature. He says it should at least be reviewed by the State Board of Charter Schools. Chad asks what he plans for the future. Lt. Gov. Forest tells him keeping structure and support in line with the latest in digital content and culture. He says he has a goal of getting away from a one size fits all learning model.

In the second hour, AFP State Director Donald Bryson is in studio. Chad tells Donald he has heard from many people how much they miss the monthly AFP meetings in Wilmington. Donald says they’ll be having many events in and around the area in the coming months. Donald and Chad get into a discussion on solar energy credits and the renewable energy portfolio standard. Donald says while there was a lot of progress made in the last legislative session, the solar energy lobby hasn’t gone away. He tells Chad, like the sun, we should expect to see the tax credit issue rise again. Other issues they believe will be brought up include certificate of need, lowering spending levels, and requirements on donor disclosure for certain 501 (c) (3)’s and 501 (c) (4)’s. Donald explains why this is such a big deal – historically and currently.

Finally, Chad shares an article on what the President will and will not tout as accomplishments in his final State of the Union address.

Tomorrow Sanford Herald Editor Bill Horner, III and Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser join us.

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11 Jan 2016

What Matters for Monday, January 11, 2016

Chad’s talking about the GOP presidential primary candidate’s at the start of the show. He spoke with Senator Marco Rubio who was in Raleigh over the weekend. Chad speaks to Senator Marco Rubio during a campaign stop in Raleigh. They discuss what the Senator wants North Carolinians to know about him, his ethics, policies and what he wants for the United States before they head to the polls in March. It’s a look inside one of the top three candidates that may end up facing presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in November.

Next, Chad speaks to the Mayor of Wendell, Virginia Gray. Mayor Gray tells him why she decided to run for Mayor after being a commissioner. She tells Chad how the town has grown and what she hopes it will become in the near future. Mayor Gray explains some of the difficulties she has encountered as, Chad puts it, living in a uniquely-shaped town. She shares that she is a NC State graduate and her children are also going to NCSU as well. Chad asks if she would run for any other office. She says she might consider it, but for now, she is there. She ends by explaining how the town got its name as well.

In the second hour, Chad speaks to Civitas President Francis De Luca. They discuss the state of healthcare in America – specifically how your teeth can tell a lot about your general state of health. Chad says more and more diseases like heart disease are being determined by the loss of teeth. Chad tells Francis this was an issue that he looked at as a Commissioner – trying to get children regular dental care. He tells Francis the biggest problem was adults not taking their children to the appointments even if they’re made. Francis gives Chad $1.3 billion is spent every year on dental issues – and then the hospital has to send the patient to the dentist to have any issues taken care of – so all that money is going toward pain control and cost of service. It’s a big problem.

Finally, Chad ends the show reading an article describing the difference between a Donald Trump rally and any other candidate’s rally – on either side. You might be surprised at what “The Don” needs and doesn’t need to prepare to speak in front of hundreds or thousands of people.

Tomorrow Chad speaks to Lt. Governor Dan Forest and AFP State Director Donald Bryson.

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08 Jan 2016

What Matters for Friday, January 8, 2016

Dietary guidelines – do you follow them? Do you ever notice when they change? Chad kicks off the show with how following dietary guidelines do not mean that you are eating healthy. He segues into a story on Hillary Clinton and what happened under her watch and the consequences since then.

Next, Senator Andy Wells joins Chad to discuss the promise of state incentives to Corning Inc., which will move about 500 workers from Catawba County to Mecklenburg County. Senator Wells called this move “a poke in the eye with a stick.” Chad asks if he feels Senator leaders are supporting him. He says yes, they are. Senator Wells tells Chad he understands many other situations, but says, “I see no reason for something that is bad policy and bad politics.” Chad says incentives are a backhanded argument. Senator Wells tells Chad he feels support is building to get rid of the whole incentive program. He says incentives are kind of corrupting influence as businesses can be pushed toward a decision based on money. They’re not a long-term decider. They don’t keep a business in town or in operation. Good businesses will exist if the proper infrastructure and workers are in place. Chad asks him what he anticipates happening in this session. Senator Wells says he’s hopeful it will be a short session which is top of his agenda. He says they’ll be some budget to be tweaked, the tier system will also be addressed, and he hopes the incentive issue related to tax levels.

News14’s Tim Boyum joins Chad from Charlotte in the second hour. He interviewed Governor McCrory on the controversial I-77 tolls. Tim tells Chad it has been a busy week and it’s far from over with GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio in town Saturday. Chad asks Tim about the departure of Lee Roberts. Tim says he thought it was a smooth transition and one likely based on the uncertainty of whether the Governor will be re-elected. Chad asks Tim about the primary. Tim says he thinks the field is now narrowed to three – Rubio, Cruz and Trump. But, he wonders what it would take to push up Rubio’s numbers and says he plans to ask him if he gets a chance to talk to him. Tim thinks there’s a backdoor poll going on as to what happens when Bush, Christie and others drop out – where do their supporters go.

Finally, Chad shares an article on why Donald Trump is driving Hillary Clinton crazy. One way – he’s “going there” on Bill Clinton’s rather, eh-ehm, questionable and well-publicized past. Another reason – Trump is just fun. You’ll have to listen for the rest.

Monday we head east to the town of Wendell with Mayor Monday when we speak to Mayor Virginia Gray and get the latest on the happenings at Civitas from President Francis De Luca.

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