07 Jan 2016

What Matters for Thursday, January 7, 2016

Time magazine has declared a winner in the GOP presidential primary. Yes, you read that correctly. There have been no primaries in ANY state yet, but there has already been a declared winner by a major magazine. Are you surprised to learn the candidate is Donald Trump? There are a lot of GOP members (and members of other parties) who are getting a little scared now.

Next, Chad talks to outspoken blogger LadyLiberty1885, A.P. Dillon. He asks A.P. how she feels about the N&O article citing the Lt. Governor asking for the annual charter school report due to the legislature by January 15th be held until February. A.P. tells Chad she feels this was a great move by the Lt. Governor. They quickly segue into the latest on common core in the state. Chad asks what she feels the future is for the failed curriculum. She tells him the legislature will have to address it and stand up for what they have said they believe in or lose the support of their constituents.

Civitas Senior Education Policy Analyst Dr. Bob Luebke joins Chad. They delve into what the report on charter schools actually means. Bob tells Chad it was unfortunate the charter school board didn’t get a chance to review it before it was released. Chad and Bob quickly move on to how education is funded – especially community colleges. Bob makes the point that paying for six years of college only for someone to determine they weren’t really college material isn’t the best use of taxpayer dollars. He also doesn’t think paying for two years of college for every child in the state is the way to move forward either. Chad asks what else should be done. Bob says government should get out of the student loan business. He explains a better way to stimulate business would be to provide incentives for businesses to fund education that suits the needs for their industry. This is a great discussion on the value of a college degree compared to the cost.

Finally, the government says eggs, salt and lean meat are okay, but you now have to get rid of the sugar. Oy vey!

Senator Andy Wells and News14’s Tim Boyum join us tomorrow.

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06 Jan 2016

What Matters for Wednesday, January 6, 2016

North Carolina has over 50 independent licensure boards to regulate different industries like cosmetology, tattoo parlors, dental hygienists, etc. And, there is no board regulating the boards that license the different industries. Chad explains how this goes against the free market system because these boards are self-regulating. If you don’t like a service or provider, you won’t go back.

Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser is in studio next. He and Chad discuss the headline on the page today talking about a brewery leaving the Triad after one year because of government regulations. Chad asks Paul how much traction the story has gotten. Paul tells him he was surprised by how many clicks it has received. They also talk about the questionable search a teen received for carrying a juice box that was more than three ounces.

In the second hour, Democratic Blogger, Political Strategist and 8th District Congressional Candidate Thomas Mills joins us. Chad asks him why he decided to run for office. He says he tried to get someone to run for the seat, couldn’t get anyone to do so and couldn’t leave the seat unchallenged. Chad asks Thomas some of the issues that are bothering him right now. Thomas says one is taxes. He tells Chad changes in taxes have hurt the middle class the most. Thomas says people that are making the most money have the least skin in the game. What begets what – wealth or job creation? And then they get into taxes on capital gains. This is a fascinating discussion between the right and left way of looking at this issue.

Finally, whether you’re for or against incentives, this doesn’t make sense. Senator Andy Wells is on the attack for a promise of $2.35 million in state incentives over a dozen years to Corning Inc., who is moving about 500 workers from Hickory to Mecklenburg where it will employ about 650 people.

Tomorrow we have Civitas Senior Education Policy Analyst Dr. Bob Luebke.

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05 Jan 2016

What Matters for Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Nothing compares to North Carolina. Most agree that’s true. However, as Chad shares in an article from the N&O, the blue and green logo with an N and C and a pine tree in the middle takes the top spot on one blog’s list of the nation’s worst logos. And it only cost taxpayers a little over a million dollars to have the design created.

And the first guest in the studio is Civitas President Francis De Luca. He tells Chad about his travels over the holiday break to St. Lucia. Chad asks about the next poll lunch which is coming up in a few weeks in Raleigh and in Wilmington. Chad will be speaking at the Wilmington event and if you want to be part of a live audience for the show, come on down. They quickly segue to the latest GOP presidential candidate numbers. Chad says he thinks polling will change and references comments Francis made prior to the holidays that it won’t be long until we see polls being conducted in a targeted door-to-door manner. Chad asks Francis about how he feels Trump’s numbers will be in North Carolina. Francis feels they’ll hold steady or rise – especially with all the unaffiliated voters. And, they touch on the scandals – yet to be proven and/or alleged – in the state House. Francis tells Chad he thinks the legislative session will be quick so the focus can be turned on the Governor’s re-election.

In the second hour, AFP State Director Donald Bryson joins Chad from an undisclosed location. Chad shares a story about a former school superintendent from Washington County who misappropriated more than $15,000 in federal funds for – are you ready – entertainment. Donald tells Chad, “Just because something comes from public dollars doesn’t mean it’s accountable.” Donald and Chad agree that public schools which continue to fail need to be shut down, not given more funding. Chad asks what issues they’ll be taking on with state legislators. Donald says AFP will be holding both democrats and republicans accountable for reforming healthcare issues like certificate of need laws, and eliminating the renewable energy portfolio mandate.

Finally, Chad notes that even as Donald Bryson was talking about holding state lawmakers accountable for solar subsidies and other issues, there were solar lobbyists sitting in the office of the head of the Republican caucus. And, Chad questions why the President and the left seem not to care what Americans find important like instead of addressing terrorism, President Obama focuses on gun control.

Tomorrow Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser is in the house and we have a new guest making his first regular appearance – Democratic Blogger and Political Consultant Thomas Mills.

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04 Jan 2016

What Matters for Monday, January 4, 2016

We’re baacckkk! Happy New Year! Chad starts out the show talking about the political scandals going on since we left before Christmas. It’s getting very interesting, to say the least, as it seems the FBI has gotten involved in investigating a couple of state legislators.

Next, it’s the first Mayor Monday of the year and we head west to the beautiful town of Lake Lure. Mayor Bob Keith tells Chad how the Hickory Nut Gorge was developed and Lake Lure created to be like Lake Como in Italy. But, when the Depression hit, development stopped there as it did around the country. Mayor Keith describes 2015’s peak economic development. He tells Chad about the Rumbling Bald Resort and Spa, the Dirty Dancing Festival, and the Polar Plunge which raises money to fund the town’s municipal functions. Chad asks about the school system. Mayor Keith explains that sixty years ago the county absorbed the town’s school and five years ago they got a charter to get Classical Academy back. This has brought many young couples to the area and this year will have its first graduating class. He explains he’s most proud of seeing the area turn into a year-round economy.

In the second hour, Chad delves into the issues with Common Core and how it is now being recognized that, at least with Math, the curriculum is failing. Chad wonders why the heads of the Department of Education doesn’t acknowledge the failures of the approach. He references a story in the N&O about a Tennessee study done in the lowest performing districts that’s now being proposed for North Carolina’s lowest performing schools. He notes the word “curriculum” is never mentioned in the article. Chad questions why no one is looking at successful schools to see what is being done correctly to find out what they are doing right and implement those same practices. He appeals to lawmakers to adapt curriculums to make schools successful.

Finally, what characteristics are almost always present in powerful people – especially in politics? Narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism. Chad gets into the definition of these characteristics and some of the people who we have seen throughout history – especially recently –that personify one or more of these personality characteristics. Does John Edwards name come to mind?

Tomorrow we hear from AFP State Director Don Bryson and Civitas President Francis De Luca.

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