29 Feb 2016

What Matters for Monday, February 29, 2016

Asking the tough questions. Is it hard to do? As a journalist, you are supposed to stay unbiased. But there’s a new form of reporter who can ask the hard questions, demand those in power tell them why and how, and state the facts while getting the answers everyone REALLY want to know. Chad points out bloggers, who are becoming the new wave of investigative journalist, aren’t afraid to ask the questions that may make them unpopular.

Then, Chad speaks to the Mayor of the Town of Ahoskie, Jimmie Rowe. Chad asks him how he got into politics. Mayor Rowe says he was a farmer and when he retired from farming, he went into business with a friend and then decided to run for Mayor. Chad asks how he feels about the solar and wind farms that are being built in mass in his area. Mayor Rowe says he’s not thrilled with the solar farms, but he thinks the wind farms aren’t too bad because a company he works for is supplying the cement for the bases. Chad asks about the number of bears and alligators in the area. Mayor Rowe agrees that there are more bears in the eastern part of the state than in the mountains. Mayor Rowe tells Chad he has high hopes that the Governor will keep promises of improving transportation and the economic situation. He says he’d like to see the state spend more money on his area of the state because it’s a poor area. Chad asks about the demographics and small town culture. Mayor Rowe tells Chad people look after each other, but the mean income is well-below the state’s average. He says he’d like to see tax rates lowered because it’s a challenge to keep the town going with the funds they collect.

In the second hour, CLC organizer Angela Hight joins us. She tells Chad the latest on the conference coming up this Friday and Saturday. Angela tells Chad the candidates for Council of State are coming, the Governor, the Lt. Governor, Heidi Cruz, David Limbaugh, Hans von Spakovsky, George Dunlop, Jimmy Kemp, Alan West, and so many others will be speaking and/or in breakout sessions. She reminds Chad time is running short to buy tickets.

Chad then shares a story about where the majority of funds have come between the two candidates for Governor. It’s kind of a non-surprise that the entertainment industry has made donations to the Attorney General’s campaign, but not to Governor McCrory’s.

Finally, there’s a new poll showing Donald Trump could beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential race in New York – her home state. Yes, you read that right.

Tomorrow Editor and Publisher of “The Daily Haymaker” Brant Clifton and AFP State Director Donald Bryson and  joins us.

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26 Feb 2016

What Matters for Friday, February 26, 2016

There are as many twists and turns in today’s political circus than there are on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Chad kicks off the show talking about the nastiness that was the last GOP presidential primary debate before Super Tuesday. He shares one reason to vote for Donald Trump that has to do with Rev. Al Sharpton.

Then, Chad speaks to Political Consultant John Davis. Chad asks what he thought of Thursday night’s GOP Presidential Primary debate. Chad asks John why Trump is resonating with the public. John says it comes down to one word, corruption. He tells Chad many Americans equate establishment politicians with corruption now. He says Ohio Governor John Kasich could still make an impact if he holds on while the remaining three fight it out to the bottom. Chad asks if Carson will make a comeback. John says he won’t because he doesn’t have the skillset to address the major problems identified as significant to Americans. Chad asks why people think Trump is qualified. John says because he can’t be bought and he’s not a career politician.  He’s also devoted his life to the creation of private sector wealth which government is dependent on. Chad asks John if he got the call tomorrow to be Cruz’s consultant, what he’d tell him. John says he’s not sure you can turn someone around that is not liked as much as Cruz. He compares Cruz with President Obama except Obama is optimistic while Cruz is extremely pessimistic. John says with regard to Rubio, he needs to grow up – just give him four more years or so. When it comes to the new congressional maps, John says you may not always want to watch the sausage being made, but this is good sausage.

In the second hour, News14’s Tim Boyum joins Chad. He’s still in South Carolina awaiting the Democratic presidential primary. Tim is sitting outside of an event where Bill and Hillary Clinton will be speaking. He says there is definitely a different feel from the Republican race a week before. Tim says he’ll be glad to be back home next week if his wife lets him come home. Chad asks Tim about the congressional maps. Tim says he’s not a politician or lawyer so he doesn’t know whether the maps will be accepted or not. Chad agrees. He says there are so many additional candidates indicating their interest in running for a spot in the newly proposed districts, this could become extremely interesting.

Finally, Rep. Justin Burr calls in to the show. He tells Chad he’s 100% behind coming back into session to take action against Charlotte City Council’s decision to make all public restrooms transgender. Chad asks him about the attacks he’s come under by the Chamber. Rep. Burr says it’s just weird for this to happen and concerning since he’s the only incumbent this is happening to.

Monday we speak to Civitas President Francis De Luca and we learn about the town of Ahoskie from Mayor Jimmie Rowe.

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25 Feb 2016
24 Feb 2016

What Matters for Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s turbulent today. Donald Trump has won another primary causing the Republican establishment to accept the reality the industry mogul could be the GOP presidential candidate. Chad points out, like the situation with the Congressional redistricting maps, caution should be used as lawmakers decide how to move forward.

Then, Chad speaks to Carolina Plott Hound Co-founder Paul Chesser. They discuss whether the new congressional maps and how, if approved, they will affect incumbents, how many additional competitors will be added when filing is reopened and when we may finally have an answer on whether the maps are approved. They also discuss the Connect NC bond and how Rep. Chris Millis and others are pushing how the priorities of the bond are just plain wrong. Chad asks Paul about the Green Schools story. Paul tells Chad these schools haven’t been as “green” as environmentalists hoped. They are surprised by one school’s assignment that had students carry around all the trash they generated for the entire day. To Chad’s amazement, no parents or students complained.

In the second hour, NCSU Political Science Professor Dr. Andrew Taylor joins Chad. They discuss his article on how growth and equality issues will shape the presidential campaign. Dr. Taylor says for the GOP, taxes must be reduced and simplified and spending cut. For the Democrats, Dr. Taylor says Bernie Sanders spending “wish list” will be a hard sell at over $18 trillion over the coming decade. He tells Chad if Bernie wants him to work for much lower pay or free, he quits. Chad asks Dr. Taylor about the Trump train. Dr. Taylor says he even underestimated Trump. He says Trump set a high floor and low ceiling and has exceeded probably even his own expectations. Chad asks if Rubio and Cruz are getting that they need to change tactics to make any headway. This is a fascinating discussion you’ll enjoy!

Finally, Chad gets the latest on the upcoming Civitas Conservative Leadership Conference from Angela Hight. She reveals Governor Pat McCrory will be attending and there is another “HUGE” guest that will be announced soon. Chad tries to get her to reveal who it is, but she won’t crack. Angela says to check your email.

Civitas Senior Education Policy Analyst Dr. Bob Luebke, WBTV’s Nick Ochsner and ICON Lecture Series President Janie Wagstaff all join us tomorrow.

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23 Feb 2016

What Matters for Tuesday, February 23, 2016

If a picture paints a thousand words, why don’t many images media outlets use to coincide with stories make any sense? Chad kicks off the show discussing the decision by Charlotte’s City Council to make all public restrooms available to either gender and how the image one media outlet decided to use with its article on the vote didn’t fit the topic, at least to him.

Next, Chad speaks to NC Values Coalition Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald about Monday’s vote by Charlotte City Council to revise the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance allowing people to choose restrooms corresponding to the gender with which they identify. Tami says she knew the measure was going to pass and questioned why we haven’t heard anything about the issue from the Attorney General. She tells Chad there’s a provision in the Constitution that people have a right to support themselves through a self-sustaining business. The change, as Tami explains, puts these business owners in a position to sue the city. She tells Chad other cities that have passed similar ordinances have seen a decline in tourism. Chad asks what the General Assembly could do in this situation. Tami says South Dakota passed a law prohibiting transgender bathrooms or lawmakers could put an exclamation mark on the Constitution clearly defining what businesses must do. Chad says lawmakers could also just withhold funding for the city. Tami jokingly tells Chad she could say she’s been discriminated against because she walks into a lot of restaurants in downtown Raleigh and they recognize her and won’t serve her. Another big issue is how do you keep men out of women’s locker rooms? Good question.

In the second hour, AFP State Director Donald Bryson is in studio. Limits on film incentives. An article in the Atlanta Business Journal cites a GSU study saying AFP’s efforts to eliminate film incentives sent film workers fleeing to other states with more stable incentives like Georgia. Chad quotes the article which says Georgia doesn’t get any actual money for film and television productions, but instead awards them tax credits they can use against taxes owed in the year the credits were earned. Donald says this is like how solar subsidies work in North Carolina – another big issue for AFP. Chad tells Donald how impressive it was at the Energy Town Hall in Winston-Salem last week. Donald says he was pleased with the turnout and is looking forward to additional events in the near future.

Finally, did you know most Americans have more credit card debt than emergency savings? Chad says giving children (anyone under the age of 30) a basic education in economics could possibly help this situation in the future.

Tomorrow we have Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser and NCSU Political Science Professor Dr. Andrew Taylor.

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22 Feb 2016

What Matters for Monday, February 22, 2016

North Carolina is in a waiting game. After the General Assembly passed new congressional district maps Friday and the Supreme Court denied a stay on the old maps, lawmakers and citizens are waiting to see if the three-member panel of the 4th Circuit Court will approve the new maps so we can move forward with our congressional elections which are now going to be held on June 7th. That’s only congressional elections, mind you, that will be held in June. The other elections will be held in March. Will anyone show up at the polls or know who is running in their district? Are you confused yet? So is everyone else.

Next, Chad speaks with Benson Mayor William Massengill. Chad asks if there is confusion over whether the town is in Johnston or Harnett County. Mayor Massengill laughingly says there is, but they’ve spent a lot of time convincing the people of Johnston County Benson is indeed part of this county and not Harnett. Mayor Massengill says the RTP has benefited from the growth of the RTP. They feel one challenge is keeping their infrastructure up-to-date. Mayor Massengill shares the history of Mule Days. He says at one time Benson had 13 liveries. Town leaders attended a similar event in Tennessee and when they returned, they established what has become an event attended by 40-50,000 people. Chad says Benson’s downtown still has that vibrant Mayberry feel. Mayor Massengill tells Chad they had $45 million in new investments last year. He says residents in Benson love the look and feel of downtown. Chad notes the fast trains that used to run through the middle of town. Mayor Massengill says the trains do not go as fast anymore, but there are still tracks that run through the middle of town. The Mayor says he’d like to see lawmakers put more money back into the community development block funding program. Chad asks what he’s most proud of accomplishing. Mayor Massengill says he hopes the citizens will look back and say he was fair to everyone. He is also proud of a park they’ve developed from a middle school. He says it has baseball fields, walking trails and more. He has hopes it will be mostly complete during his tenure as Mayor. This is always a great segment you’ll enjoy.

In the second hour, Civitas President Francis De Luca joins Chad. Francis and Chad discuss how lawmakers determined the new congressional maps. They also discuss Charlotte City Council’s controversial vote on making all public restrooms transgender and the Governor’s declaration he will take legislative action if Council approves the measure. They also talk about the latest information on CLC, what tickets are still available and how you can buy yours if you haven’t already.

Finally, are some media outlets going overboard about the risks of getting the Zika virus? Chad compares the alarm over this to the misunderstanding of the how the Ebola virus is spread. He points out that fear can overcome fact when we don’t go to the right sources.

AFP State Director Donald Bryson joins us tomorrow.

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19 Feb 2016

What Matters for Friday, February 19, 2016

The showdowns are on across the state and we’re not just talking about the redistricting issue. Chad is fired up over the reason lawmakers are having to redraw congressional maps and how much taxpayers will end up shelling out over lawmaker’s decision to redo all of the maps instead of just the two contested districts. And, there’s the upcoming vote in Charlotte Monday that would require public restrooms to be transgender. Chad says this will bring out a lot of supporters and

Next, former Rep. Carolyn Justice calls in to share her thoughts on the newly passed congressional district maps. Rep. Justice says we wouldn’t be in this mess if not for three renegade district court justices. Chad points out there wouldn’t have had an issue if the primary date had never been moved. Rep. Justice adds a timely decision by the Supreme Court would’ve also helped. Both Chad and Rep. Justice agree the districts look much cleaner for the most part. Chad brings up how this affects candidates who are unsure of their districts. They’ll have to continue campaigning in their current district until March 15th and then begin campaigning in their new district. Both Chad and Rep. Justice question why, with all the questions, the decision wasn’t made to move all the primaries to June. This may seem like “inside politics,” but it’s a fast paced, information filled segment.

In the second hour, News14’s Tim Boyum joins us from South Carolina. First, Tim says kangaroo isn’t bad. Chad asks Tim what’s the feel so far. He says he’s been amazed by the support for Donald Trump and would be shocked if he didn’t win the primary. Tim tells Chad what he’s seen proves most Americans elect candidates based on the way they make you feel. He says he had a chance to talk to Kasich who is at the bottom of the pack, but he feels out of everyone, Kasich has the ability to remain in the race for the longest amount of time. He adds if Cruz and Rubio keep splitting the vote, there will be no defeating Trump. Chad asks if there will be lasting wounds from the primaries. Tim believes when a candidate is chosen, the best approach to win voters will be to bash Hillary. It all happens in South Carolina Saturday.

Finally, should Apple give in to the U.S. Government’s demands to create special software that would allow them to access information on one of the San Bernardino terrorist’s cell phones? Before you say yes, Chad gives you the whole story.

Civitas President Francis De Luca joins us Monday and we learn about the Town of Benson from Mayor William Massengill.

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