11 Apr 2016

What Matters for Monday, April 11, 2016

There were no pistols or banjos, but there were dueling rallies on the Capitol grounds today. Francis starts the show talking about the Public Facilities Privacy and Securities Act or HB2. Both those in support and those against the new law came out to the Capitol today. Civitas Communications Coordinator Demi Dowdy was there. She tells Francis North Carolinians are very clear about how they feel regarding HB2. Francis points out that the bill doesn’t speak to discrimination. Demi says it actually makes anti-discrimination laws stronger. Francis says lawmakers didn’t necessarily want to have a special session, Charlotte City Council forced the conversation. Demi says to support the Governor and lawmakers, North Carolinians need to continue spreading the truth about the bill on social media (like Facebook and Twitter).

Next, Demi delves into the world of Twitter. She explains how you set up a profile, send out a tweet, and the meaning of a hashtag. She describes tweets as “microblogs” although she admits it’s tough to keep messages to 140 characters. Francis asks if Facebook has transformed into a platform for older people. Demi says interestingly enough, Snapchat is the new social media site for the young.

In the second hour, former Representative and Assistant Secretary of the Department of Employment Security turned candidate for State Treasurer, Dale Folwell joins us. Sec. Folwell explains integrity, ability and passion are three things he feels are needed for the job of Treasurer. Francis asked about this because over the weekend, it was pointed out that the current Treasurer sits on several boards which could be construed as an ethical issue. Sec. Folwell explains that the Treasurer has the responsibility of overseeing state employees’ healthcare and pension plans. He tells Francis what’s been described as the “woefully underfunded” state healthcare plan will continue to get worse. He explains that when you assume a 7.25% rate of return which you will not receive in five, ten or even fifteen years, that’s when you have an underfunded plan. He says the pension plan is twice as big as the net worth of Warren Buffett. Francis points out that this is a real problem our state has to deal with or we’ll end up in a situation like Illinois or worse – like Puerto Rico. Sec. Folwell says the Treasurer doesn’t sign five dollar bills, he signs checks. Francis says he may not be a numbers man, but that means you need at least a five percent rate of return to just fund the plan as it is today. Sec. Folwell says Coach K gave a great quote, “Some things when they happen right in front of you are worth getting made about.” He’s seen this situation with the state’s pension plan and funding healthcare and cannot continue to sit idly by and watch it continue to deteriorate. He says to be a good leader, you have to be a good listener. Amen.

Finally, Sec. Folwell explains to Francis what the heart on our driver’s license means, how it got there and the bill he proposed that gave it real life. If you haven’t heard this story, you’ll want to listen.

Former Secretary of State and Attorney General Rufus Edmisten and AFP State Director Donald Bryson join us tomorrow.

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08 Apr 2016

What Matters for Friday, April 8, 2016

Too much paper. We’re not talking about the loss of trees, but how much paperwork is required to do anything nowadays. Chad kicks off the show sharing how much paperwork was needed to do his taxes and pontificates about whether tax day should be moved to the first Monday in November so voters would think more about how much they’re paying before they cast their ballots.

Next, former NCGOP Chairman Claude Pope joins us. He and Chad discuss what a contested convention actually means. Claude explains on the first ballot the delegate count will go to the candidates based on primary results. But, on the second ballot, anything goes. He says it’s an exciting and scary scenario. Chad asks why he said scary. Claude says because it’s been so long since we’ve had a brokered convention, it’s become an unfamiliar process. Chad asks if neither Cruz nor Trump is picked as the nominee, does he foresee bedlam within the party. Claude says it will not be pretty.

In the second hour, Time Warner Cable News Anchor Tim Boyum joins Chad. Chad asks if he’s tired of talking about HB2. Tim says whether they are or not, the story keeps feeding itself. He mentions the latest development that Bruce Springsteen cancelled his concert this Sunday in Greensboro. Tim says if this issue continues to session, what is the worth of walking back the legislation? Chad says the only thing they could do is remove all protected classes. Tim says they could add sexual preference to the legislation. Chad brings up the Governor’s recommendation on teacher pay. Tim says he thinks he should’ve delayed his role out because of the PayPal announcement. Chad agrees and says he should’ve gotten more traction because it was the largest raise educators have seen in almost ten years.

Finally, do you think our founding fathers would’ve approved of incentives to lure businesses to an area? Chad shares an article on Virginia’s Governor and Descartes beer that will make you think.

Candidate for Treasurer Dale Folwell and Civitas President Francis De Luca join us Monday.

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07 Apr 2016

What Matters for Thursday, April 7, 2016

Is high school too late to make a difference in a child’s ability to be successful? Chad kicks off the show sharing a report released by a Durham nonprofit that concluded it’s tougher for children in low-income families to get ahead in our state than in many other parts of the country. He says the problem with the report is as far as he can tell, it didn’t take charter schools into account, and if you don’t teach a child the necessary skills they will need for success in the job world in the first few years they are in school, you’ve missed the shot to have any impact.

Next, former State Supreme Court Justice Robert Orr joins Chad. They discuss the legality and details of Charlotte’s ordinance and what has caused all the hubbub over HB2. Justice Orr says what lawmakers should have done is address only the bathroom issue, but as Republicans, we like government to stay out of our business, so with the fifteen or so cities and communities, their rights were actually taken away. He says it’s not so much whether you agree with the extension of rights, it’s the repeal of those rights from those communities and how HB2 used a sledgehammer to solve the problem. He says by not making changes to the legislation, ironically, it is causing significant problems for the Governor. Chad agrees that the angst is probably not over the bathroom part of the bill, it’s over what else was included in the bill. Justice Orr says our state constitution has the ability to give greater rights to our citizens that our federal constitution. It’s the same principle on the city level. If you don’t like the law, you can move out of the city. Having said that, how ‘bout that game Monday night?

In the second hour, Chad discusses how much solar energy it takes to produce the amount of power necessary to run one home, much less thousands of home. He explains that you’d have to clear cut an area the size of Edgecombe County to provide space for the solar panels, which scientists still have not come up with a way in which to safely dispose, to generate enough power just for Raleigh. So, he says, when you hear Hillary Clinton say she wants to power the entire nation on renewables, you have to wonder how much you’ll be paying for your power and how this will be accomplished in the near future.

Finally, should we be ignoring the unemployment rate? An NC State economist says higher jobless rate aren’t necessarily bad news. Look at how fast we’re creating jobs for a better indication of how the economy is doing.

Time Warner Cable News’ Tim Boyum joins us tomorrow.

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06 Apr 2016

What Matters for Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Changing the conversation or simply the Governor rolling out his education platform. Chad starts the show breaking down Governor McCrory’s education proposal and what was said about it after he made the announcement from his old high school before ever getting into politics. He explains how some tried to make it seem he was trying to divert attention from the HB2 issue, while it was actually something he (and other Governors) do at this time each year.

Next, Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser joins Chad. They discuss several articles making headlines this week. One of which was about Mecklenburg Senator Joyce Waddell who was paid for the legislature’s special session. Chad points out that she drove all the way to Raleigh to pay the state back because she wasn’t able to attend the session and received pay for it automatically. The article says she thought since she wasn’t in attendance but at a family member’s funeral, she wouldn’t be paid. Chad commends her for her honesty. Regarding the issue of teacher pay and the Governor’s recommendations on increases, Paul points out that John Locke’s Education Policy Analyst Terry Stoops said it wouldn’t take long for responses of “that’s not enough money” to start rolling in and that he had to update his post in just a few hours to say the comments had indeed already begun. Then there’s the special mushrooms in Asheville. You’re going to have to read that one for yourself.

In the second hour, NCSU Political Science Professor Dr. Andrew Taylor joins us. He and Chad discuss the results from Wisconsin’s primary and what it means to the winners and losers on both sides. Dr. Taylor says neither party seems to want this to end – kind of like a train wreck you can’t look away from – and a stance that could lead to a brokered convention at least for the GOP. Chad asks if the Trump train is like a tornado that will start burning out in the final few states that have primaries, or is Trump still gaining momentum. Dr. Taylor thinks the two angles are good ways of looking at Trump’s candidacy, but you can’t count him out yet, especially when you look at the demographics of the remaining states though those states are not necessarily friendly to Cruz. He and Chad agree it’s impossible for Kasich to be on the first ballot, and may not be possible for either Cruz or Trump.

Finally, death and taxes – we can’t escape either. Chad shares an article from USA Today about the likelihood that you’ll be audited. In short, the more you make, the more likely it is that you’ll be audited. Of course, you’ll also likely be able to afford an accountant (and even a lawyer if necessary) if you’re making over a million bucks, too.

Former State Supreme Court Justice Robert Orr joins us tomorrow.

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05 Apr 2016

What Matters for Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Going a step further than necessary. That’s what it seems lawmakers have done on HB2 – the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act. Chad kicks off the show by breaking down what he feels has upset the entire country over this legislation.

Then, Chad speaks to LadyLiberty1885, A.P. Dillon. She says she got into the debate because she doesn’t want men in the bathroom or locker room in with them. She tells Chad she thinks lawmakers added in the minimum wage and reasons for dismissal clauses into the bill. Chad asks about the worst things she has been called because of her stance. A.P. says she has posted a list and explains her kids and her husband have also been attacked online. Chad wonders why there can’t be calm dialogue about the issue. A.P. has the same question.

In the second hour, AFP State Director Donald Bryson joins Chad. Chad first shares that this won’t be a segment discussing HB2. Instead, they discuss occupational licensure and the need for oversight boards for these licensing agencies. Donald says there was a meeting about the issue at the General Assembly today where the bill recommending the elimination of most of the boards was discussed. He tells Chad the room was packed with representatives from individual boards explaining why they were needed. He says lawmakers decided to table the legislation until they could hear from all the boards. Chad asks Donald about the upcoming legislative session. Donald says AFP does not take on social issues like HB2, but they will use it effectively to show lawmakers how other non-social issues also fall under the same umbrella when it comes to the ulterior motives of some companies.

Finally, former Congressional candidate Frank Roche joins Chad. They discuss the current state of the congressional district maps, the field of candidates in the 13th district, and whether the newly drawn maps are, as Chad calls them, incumbent protection acts. He tells he thinks the June 7th election will take place and that Congresswoman Ellmers will not be re-elected.

Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser joins us tomorrow.

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04 Apr 2016
01 Apr 2016

What Matters for Friday, April 1, 2016

Those charged with protecting us – the Sheriff’s Association – has said they will uphold HB2 – to make sure everyone is safe when they’re in the locker room or bathroom. Chad kicks off the show sharing what the Sheriff of Lee County told him about what law enforcement across the state is committed to do to uphold the newly passed law and keep citizens safe.

Next, Chad speaks to Investigative Journalist and businessman James Simpson about refugee resettlement. He says there is a lot of misinformation about refugees and what we are doing to help them. He tells Chad we are still following laws set up in the 1950’s that only allow people who are being persecuted for religious or other reasons in their own country. Chad says the optics make it look like all the refugees are poor, helpless people in fear of being killed. Mr. Simpson says a resettlement industry has sprung up that is draining the economy of many communities where they are placed. This is rarely covered by the media. Chad notes the change in the cultural makeup of Europe. Mr. Simpson says countries are allowing this to happen through their refugee programs. He says radical Islamists are becoming more violent and we’re giving them the opportunity to do so because of lax security measures in vetting those who want to come into our country. He tells Chad ISIS has said it will use the refugee program to bring fighters into the U.S. You can learn more by going to hear Mr. Simpson speak as part of the ICON Lecture Series on Tuesday, April 5, at 7:00.

Then, Chad speaks to 11th District Congressman Mark Meadows. He asks what he thinks about the new Speaker of the House since he was one of the first to call for Speaker John Boehner’s removal. Congressman Meadows says that has yet to be determined. Chad mentions the last guest, Mr. Simpson, and the issue of refugee resettlement. Congressman Meadows says he agrees more needs to be done about the refugee issue – especially improving our vetting process. Chad asks what he thinks about the presidential primary contenders. Congressman Meadows says he thinks Senator Cruz is a good man that he knows and has worked with. He says he doesn’t know and hasn’t worked with Donald Trump, but is willing to keep an open mind because he does understand the frustration Americans are feeling toward establishment politicians. He wants people to stay informed and make sure they exercise their right to vote.

In the second hour, Time Warner Cable News Anchor Tim Boyum is in studio. Chad asks if he’s getting tired of talking about HB2. Tim says Medicaid is always a difficult topic, but this is a story where they have to meet in the newsroom about how to properly refer to individual parties. Tim says he thinks there’s a larger issue of whether LGBT should be considered a protected class. Chad says he still thinks there shouldn’t have been a special session called. Tim contends there is a limited timespan on this issue because the group pushing back on the law is smaller than groups like the Moral Monday crowd. Chad asks about the Attorney General’s stance. Tim says he was amazed he still didn’t address the transgender bathroom issue. Chad questions why they added other issues to the bill besides just addressing the bathroom issue. Tim says he thinks lawmakers were looking to shore up the bill because of the way our state’s constitution is set up and also because they didn’t want to single out the transgender community. Chad thinks there should be no protected classes. Tim says tune in Monday to Capital Tonight for some new, very interesting information.

Finally, it was 40 years ago today that Apple was created. Chad shares how this technology has changed our lives.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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