20 Oct 2016

What Matters for Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mark opens a packed show with Rep. Nelson Dollar, (R-Wake), re-examine the positive impact of tax reforms and unemployment reforms in the state before speaking with Nick Ochsner, investigative reporter for WBTV, about early voting in North Carolina starting today, the violence at the Orange County GOP headquarters and also about shots reportedly fired at the GOP headquarters in Pamlico County. Mark also speaks with Nick about his take on the gubernatorial debate and Tim Kaine again visiting Charlotte today. Mark closes out the show with Dr. Bob Luebke, education policy analyst at the Civitas Institute, to discuss the reality that public schools are not preparing students for college, as written about in the Charlotte Observer that says only 1 high school in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools district has a majority of students ready, based on ACT scores.

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19 Oct 2016

What Matters for Wednesday, October 19, 2016

On today’s show Mark speaks with Garret Ventry, a North Carolina Republican strategist, about last night’s gubernational debate between Gov. Pat McCrory and challenger Attornety General Roy Cooper and his thoughts on what to look for in tonight’s presidential debate. Then Mark speaks with Donald Bryson, state director of the NC Chapter of Americans for Prosperity, for an update on their work across the state regarding Deborah Ross’ campaing and her assertion at the senatorial debate agasinst Sen. Richard Burr hat she would still vote for ObamaCare given the option and also for his analysis of last night’s debate.

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18 Oct 2016

What Matters for Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mark speaks with Hans Von Spakovksy, senior legal fellow with the Heritage Foundation, and Nathan Tabor, NC businessman and writer at Christian Post, looking at the dilemmas conservatives and evangelicals are facing in politics today. Mark opens the show with Hans to talk about his piece at The Daily Signal, “The All-Out Assault on the First Amendment” before speaking with Nathan about the dilemma many evangelicals are feeling between Hillary Clinton, because of her policies such as abortion and the moral challenges presented by Donald Trump.

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17 Oct 2016

What Matters for Monday, October 17, 2016

Mark speaks with Mayor BJ Murphy of Kinston, NC , about the recovery effort from the flooding in his city as a result of Hurricane Matthew and about the unique things his city has to offer. Second Mark speaks with Francis De Luca, president of the Civitas Institute, and then finishes out the show with Dale Folwell, former member of the NC House and former assistant secretary of Commerce at the North Carolina Division of Employment Security, and current candidate for State Treasurer running against Dan Blue III.

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15 Oct 2016

What Matters for Friday, October 14, 2016

Mark speaks with Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) on his widely supported letter to the DOJ assuring them that trying to pay insurance companies under the “risk corridor” part of Obamacare will not happen without a major fight from Congress and the reality that Obamacare is a disaster and that changes need to be made as well as his work to make sure NC veterans get proper treatment in the wake of the Salisbury VA scandal. Then Mark talks to Garret Ventry, a North Carolina Republican strategist, about his thoughts on the Burr v Ross senatorial debate last night; the disaster that is Obamacare in North Carolina and the overall political landscape in the state. Mark finishes out the show with his regular segment with Tim Boyum, anchor of Capital Tonight on Time-Warner Cable News, to discuss his thoughts on the two  debates this week, Gov. Pat McCrory’s work in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, and the devastation that he has seen in Wayne County and elsewhere from the storm. Tune in for an exciting show!

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13 Oct 2016

What Matters for Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mark opens the show with Dr. Andy Taylor, professor of Political Science at North Carolina State University, for an analysis on where Trump and Clinton currently stand, his thoughts on the most recent debate and North Carolina races and also to discuss what options evangelicals have when facing a dilemma between a candidate whose policies are unacceptable, and one whose behavior is unacceptable. Also Taylor speaks with Mark about whether a crisis helps an incumbent, specifically, whether managing the crisis of Hurricane Matthew’s aftermath help Gov. Pat McCrory. In the second part of the hour Mark speaks with Dr. Bob Luebke, education policy analys for the Civitas Institute, about his latest article, College Football: The Spending Continues, citing UNC-Charlotte as a great example of the financial challenges of starting a football program and the impact it can have on student athletic fees if not quickly successful.



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12 Oct 2016

What Matters for Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mark speaks with Dr. Luis Dopico and Dr.  Stephanie Crofton, authors of the tax study released by the Civitas Institute “More Jobs Bigger Paychecks – The Truth About North Carolina’s Tax Reforms,” about the recent ground-breaking research into the effects of North Carolina’s recent tax reforms as well as outgoing state Sen. Bob Rucho (R-Mecklenburg), principal architect of tax and other reforms made by the General Assembly to speak more about the reforms that have led to North Carolina’s recent economic excellent performance. To finish out the show Mark speaks with Donald Bryson, state director of the North Carolina Chapter of Americans for Prosperity about Roy Cooper’s opposition to the rainy day fund, which is an appropriate topic with the state now in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

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