30 Dec 2016

What Matters-Pat Millen-Friday, December 30, 2016-20 minutes

Mark Shiver speaks with Pat Millen, executive director of E2D (Eliminating the Digital Divide), to tell us the great story of this North Carolina non-profit’s work to provide Charlotte-Mecklenburg School students with refurbished laptop computers. To date the they have given 2,060 laptops away. Listen in and then go to http://www.e-2-d.org/donate/ to help.

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29 Dec 2016

What Matters-Dr. Bob Luebke-Thursday, December 29, 2016-53 minutes

Mark sits down with Dr. Bob Luebke, an education policy analyst at the Civitas Institute, to talk about his recent article at www.nccivitas.org which outlines five priorities he’d like for the General Assembly to look at in the upcoming legislative session:

  • Principal and Administrator pay
  • School Report Cards
  • Charter School Funding
  • Teachers Background Checks
  • Special Needs ESA (Education Savings Accounts)

Tune in for more!

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28 Dec 2016

What Matters-Dr. Michael Bitzer-Wednesday, December 28, 2016-23 minutes

Mark speaks with Dr. Michael Bitzer, professor of Political Science at Catawba College and a returning What Matters guest, to bring us “2016: Year in Review” where he talks about whether the nation and North Carolina are divided to a long-lasting extent, if the movement that propelled Donald Trump to the White House is sustainable and more.

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27 Dec 2016

What Matters-Brian Balfour-Tuesday, December 27, 2016-23 minutes

Mark sits down with Brian Balfour, executive vice-president of the Civitas Institute, to talk about his blog post at www.nccivitas.org “Sorry Cooper, there is No Such Thing as a ‘Fair Share’ of Taxes” wherein he writes about the difference between fair market value for a good or service being what two parties actually agree to, versus the force of government behind taxation. Tune in for more!

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26 Dec 2016

What Matters-Stephanie Keaveney-Monday, December 26, 2016-20 minutes

Stephanie Keaveney, with the Pope Center for Higher Education, talks with Mark about her recent article at www.popecenter.org The “Snowflake” Generation: Real or Imagined? and how universities that are providing “safe spaces,” coloring books and therapy dogs say they are doing so because of anxiety among students. But, are they really isolating students from the realities of life and thwarting their development and abilities to deal with stress and disappointment? Tune in for Stephanie’s perspective.

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23 Dec 2016

What Matters-Pastor Phil Brickle-Friday, December 23, 2016-22 Minutes

On this Friday before Christmas, we highlight Pastor Phil Brickle, President/Founder of Lost Sheep Outreach Ministry in Raleigh. This past weekend Pastor Brickle assembled volunteer Santas to wrap more than 5,000 presents for children who otherwise might not have any. Also, an additional 250 families have reached out to him expressing needs, and they will be providing presents for children Christmas Eve at noon. The ministry has a 21 years history of providing for the homeless and those in need, not only at Christmas, but throughout the year. They are also actively involved in helping those addicted to heroin to recover from that addiction.

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23 Dec 2016

What Matters-Tim Boyum-Friday, December 23, 2016-22 minutes

Tim Boyum, anchor of Capital Tonight on the Time Warner Cable News Channel, speaks with Mark to bring you an in-depth look at the special session of the NC General Assembly this week that was held to repeal HB 2, and the various reasons that the session ended without the law being repealed. Don’t want to give too much away on this one but tune in!

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