17 Feb 2017

What Matters-Sen. Joyce Krawiec and Tim Boyum-Friday, February 17, 2017-51 Minutes

Mark opens the show with a return visit from Sen. Joyce Krawiec, (R-Forsyth), to give us an in-depth look at a couple of bills she has filed and her thoughts on what she sees as the top priority for this legislative session. Also she talks about her views on Gov. Roy Cooper’s latest HB 2 repeal proposal. Following Krawiec is Tim Boyum, anchor of Capital Tonight on the Time Warner Cable News Channel, who will gives us some insight into where HB 2 stands today after the General Assembly leadership looked unfavorably at his proposal earlier this week. Also, who are some of the players currently that might have legitimate shots at higher offices in the state and in Washington D.C. What lies ahead for Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, darling of the conservatives in the state, and might former Gov. Pat McCrory run again for governor in the future?

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16 Feb 2017

What Matters-Rep. Larry Pittman and Nick Oschner-Thursday, February 16, 2017-42 Minutes

Mark opens the show with Rep. Larry Pittman, (R-Cabarrus), to discuss the Constitutional Carry Act he has filed in the General Assembly which would allow NC citizens to carry concealed handguns without a permit if they desire. Pittman says the bill does not loosen in any way the current law surround where a person can carry a concealed handgun. The bill is to be heard first in the House Judiciary Committee but Pittman says he is not sure if the chairman of the Judiciary Committee will even hear the bill. Following up Pittman is Nick Ochsner, investigative reporter for WBTV, joining us to talk about the seemingly slow start the General Assembly has gotten off to this session, Gov. Cooper’s latest HB 2 proposal and the response by the General Assembly and more about the goings on in the state.

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15 Feb 2017

What Matters-Marty Kotis-Wednesday, February 15, 2017-38 Minutes

Mark speaks with Marty Kotis, a successful developers in the central part of the state and a member of the UNC Board of Governors (BOG), about a bill filed in the General Assembly that would reduce the size of the BOG from 32 members to 24. Is this a good idea? What about the argument some have made that there is not enough diversity represented on the Board? Also, Marty talks with Mark about the growing demand for online education in North Carolina, especially in the rural parts of the state, and advocates that this is something that should be embraced by the UNC-System.

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14 Feb 2017

What Matters-Dr. Mike Adams-Tuesday, February 14, 2017-27 Minutes

Mark brings on Dr. Mike Adams, professor of Criminology at UNC-Wilmington, for the first time today to talk about his upcoming speech on March 7th at the ICON Lecture Series, “How US Campuses Incubate and Enforce Cultural Marxism.” Adams also talks about freedom of speech and the lack of it on college and university campuses. Adams makes the point that it is not simply “liberal” ideology as much at work as it is a determined leftist effort to quash any speech they view as undesirable. Also, the genesis of “triggers, micro-aggressions and safe-spaces” on campuses. And, is the effort to restrict speech really an effort to restrict the speech of people of faith?

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13 Feb 2017

What Matters-Rep. Bill Brawley-Monday, February 13, 2017-39 Minutes

Mark speaks with Rep. Bill Brawley, (R-Mecklenburg) about facts versus fiction on education funding that in fact has increased over the past several years even though the Left and the media say that it has not. He discusses how things were worse than expected in 2011 when the Republicans convened the legislative session as the majority for the first time in decades and how the previous Democrat majority left a nearly $3 billion budget deficit as well as several key state programs in disrepair, including Medicaid, unemployment and the State Health Plan. Also, Brawley explains how cutting taxes and regulations has brought the state to a place of having budget surpluses and a strong business climate.

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10 Feb 2017

What Matters-Tonya Baker Nelson and Tim Boyum-Friday, February 10, 2017-48 Minutes

First up on today’s show is Tonya Baker Nelson, with Hand of Hope Pregnancy Center, to give an update on her organization’s fighting the City of Raleigh over the zoning of a building they purchased which is next door to an abortion clinic. The overreach has kept them from using a building based on what seems to be arbitrary use of zoning ordinances. And, the meeting they have Monday before the Raleigh Board of Adjustment. Following up Tonya is Tim Boyum, anchor of Capital Tonight on the Time Warner Cable News Channel, for his weekly news wrap up to include include an update on Gov. Roy Cooper’s attending sporting events such as the Carolina Hurricanes and the Duke vs UNC basketball game and how that might ingratiate him as a “man of the people.” Also, Tim talks with us about the flurry of bills filed in the last week including Rep. Dollar’s HB 7 which requires the state to put money into the “Rainy Day Fund,” Also, having over a billion dollars in surplus can incite a lot of pressure to spend the money or give a rebate to taxpayers – how will the General Assembly respond to that pressure?

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09 Feb 2017

What Matters-Rep. Nelson Dollar-Thursday, February 9, 2017-28 Minutes

Mark speaks with Rep. Nelson Dollar, (R-Wake), about the bill he announced Wednesday at a press conference with Sen. Brett Jackson (R-Duplin), HB 7 and its companion SB 14, that would require money to be set aside into the rainy day fund in any proposed budget, including the Governor’s. Dollar explains that the conservative leadership at the General Assembly has already been setting money aside as a part of their prudent budgeting, but that this would make it law. But how will Cooper react to this after criticizing the General Assembly for putting so much money aside when he was a candidate for governor?

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