31 Mar 2017

What Matters-A.P. Dillon-Friday, March 31, 2017-32 Minutes

AP Dillon, co-founder and author at www.americanlens.com, joins the show to talk about the passage of House Bill 142 on Thursday, repealing  HB2. As a conservative, does she feel let down in any way? Who wins politically with this outcome, Gov. Roy Cooper or the GOP-led General Assembly? Have we heard the last from the militant LGBT and activist left on this issue of transgender bathroom access and non-discrimination ordinances?

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30 Mar 2017

What Matters-Rep. Chris Millis-Thursday, March 30, 2017-29 Minutes

Mark brings on Rep. Chris Millis (R-Onslow) to talk about his call for NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall to either resign her position or face possible impeachment over her commissioning of over 300 illegal aliens as notary publics. Also Millis talks about his views on the most recent bill that will repeal HB2 announced last night by Sen. Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore.

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29 Mar 2017
28 Mar 2017

What Matters-Tami Fitzgerald-Tuesday, March 28, 2017-29 Minutes

Mark speaks with Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the NC Values Coalition,about an article that the Associated Press published on Monday that said HB2 would cost North Carolina billions over the next 12 years. Fitzgerald says that the AP’s math doesn’t add up. Also she tells us the latest from Charlotte wherein the Charlotte Mecklenburg School District, as part of an anti-bullying emphasis, was planning to have students, starting with first-graders, read a book titled, “Jacob’s New Dress” which is about a transgender boy and his wearing of a dress. Pushback caused the school district to change their plan and a book titled, “Red: A Crayon’s Story,” which conveys a similar message although with less of an overt title. Fitzgerald voiced concerns about the inappropriateness of the content for six-year old children.

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27 Mar 2017

What Matters-Donald Bryson-Monday, March 27, 2017-23 Minutes

Mark speaks with Donald Bryson, state director of Americans for Prosperity North Carolina, about what led to no vote being held in the US House on the repeal of Obamacare. And looking locally what is AFP-NC’s opposition to companion bills filed Thursday by New Hanover County Republicans Sen. Michael Lee and Rep. Holly Grange regarding the state’s film grant program that would nearly double to $55 million annually the taxpayer money they would receive.

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24 Mar 2017

What Matters-Tim Boyum-Friday, March 24, 2017-28 Minutes

Mark speaks with Tim Boyum, anchor of Capital Tonight on the Time-Warner Cable News Channel, for a wrap-up of the past week’s activities at the General Assembly including the passing of the one-year anniversary of HB2 and the latest in the efforts to repeal that law. Also did Sen. Joel Ford hurt or help his bid to win the Democratic primary in the race for Charlotte mayor by publicly going at it with EqualityNC on social media over HB2 repeal?

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23 Mar 2017

What Matters-Nick Ochsner-Thursday, March 23, 2017-26 Minutes

On today’s show Mark speaks with Nick Ochsner, investigative reporter with WBTV, on this, the one year anniversary of the passing of HB2, to give us an update on the process to repeal the bill and an update on the very public back and forth between Sen. Joel Ford (D-Mecklenburg) and the LGBT activist group EqualityNC on Twitter Wednesday over a repeal bill that Ford filed this week. Ford’s bill would repeal HB2 and include a “cooling off” period wherein municipalities would not be able to pass non-discrimination ordinances like the one Charlotte passed leading the state to pass HB2.

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