22 Jun 2017

What Matters — Nigel Farage — Thursday, June 22, 2017

Freedom Action Network Producer Matt Caulder sits down with Nigel Farage, former United Kingdom Independence Party leader and the face of Brexit,to talk about Farage’s view on the way things are going in America, his impression of President Donald Trump through the campaign to now, and how Trump needs support as he works to “drain the swamp.” Farage also talks about the difference in gun culture in America and in politics between the UK and America.

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21 Jun 2017

What Matters — Congressman Mark Meadows — June 21, 2017

Freedom Action Network Producer Matt Caulder sits down with Congressman Mark Meadows to talk about what Washington is doing wrong, how Congress needs to be a better ally to President Donald Trump as he works to “drain the swamp” and the recent GOP baseball shooting where many of his colleagues came under fire directly but also how widely it was an attack against all Republican Congressmen.

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20 Jun 2017
12 Jun 2017

What Matters — Monday, June 12, 2017

On this week’s show Civitas Institute Executive Vice President Brian Balfour talks about the other democracy in America, the market democracy. Next up is Demi Dowdy, communications coordinator for the institute, who joins the show to talk about a recent article she wrote about the situation in Venezuela and the failed socialist regime there and what a couple of North Carolinians are doing about it. Civitas President Francis De Luca is joined by NC Capitol Connection reporter, and producer for the Freedom Action Network, Matt Caulder to talk about a petition sent out by Progress NC against HB746, installing constitutional carry in the state, and how the petition included a blatant lie about the bill. Closing out the show is Demi again, this time joining Dr. Robert Luebke to discuss statewide school construction bond referendums and their history in the state. Tune in each Monday for the full Sunday show if you missed it on the airwaves.


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06 Jun 2017

What Matters-Francis De Luca and Matt Caulder Discuss HB746

On today’s show Civitas President Francis De Luca sits down with NC Capitol Connection’s Matt Caulder to discuss a recent petition sent out by the left-leaning Progress NC calling out Republicans for looking to get rid of background checks in an omnibus gun bill moving through House that doesn’t get rid of background checks for handgun sales, or any gun sales. Francis and Matt discuss how Progress NC dropped the ball on this one.

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05 Jun 2017

What Matters – Monday, June 5, 2017

On today’s episode of What Matters in North Carolina we hear from Civitas Institute President Francis De Luca about voter ID in the state, then we hear from Dr. Robert Leubke and Demi Dowdy about legislative changes on the horizon regarding education as well as in the budget. After that listen in to Susan Myrick and Jim Tynen talk about how the Left is using the courts to deter citizens from reporting possible voter fraud. Closing up the show is Demi Dowdy with your Media Meltdown Minute, talking about Kathy Griffin’s abhorrent image holding a mock-up of President Donald Trump’s severed head. Join us again next week for the next installment of What Matters in North Carolina.

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