26 Aug

What Matters for Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The news was horrifying this hump day with the murder of a reporter and cameraman on live t.v. by a disgruntled former co-worker. If that’s not enough to shock you, Chad shares some of the reasons why “the Don” Donald Trump is doing so well in the race to be the next GOP candidate for President. One of the most mentioned by all socio-economic groups was the perception that he speaks his mind, he’s hard on issues, and doesn’t back down. Chad says our local lawmakers on both sides of the aisle would do well to take note of the reason’s Trump is so popular because they could fall victim to the same perception issues if not. Next up is Carolina Plott Hound co-founder Paul Chesser. He and Chad discuss the Virginia shooting, the fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, Charlie Daniels’ open letter to Congress, Wilmington’s Mayor asking the community to step up to help reduce violence in the community and much more. You could say there was a lot to talk about.

In the second hour, Chad begins by reading an open letter to Congress from native North Carolinian Charlie Daniels. Arriving slightly late, District 6 Senator Harry Brown joins Chad. Senator Brown shares the latest on the budget including where some of the $21.7 billion would be spent. He listed the raises for state employees, teachers, magistrates and members of the court and personal income tax changes to be included in an incentive package. Chad also brings up the issue of solar subsidies. Senator Brown says he feels strongly the Senate will let that sunset at the end of the year, but says they’ll be a delay on the renewable energy mandate. Senator Brown says school choice should be expanded. It’s a not to miss interview that answers many of your questions.

Finally, Civitas Communications Coordinator Demi Dowdy joins Chad to discuss some of the more interesting tweets of the day.

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