13 Oct 2017
06 Oct 2017
07 Sep 2017

What Matters — Thursday, September 7, 2017 — 15 Minutes

On today’s show Matt talks with Brooke Medina, of the Civitas Institute, about the response from North Carolina and charities in the state to hurricane Harvey in Texas, as well as the need for fiscal limits to pair with a debt ceiling increase to work to improve our national financial position, and stop abusing tax payer dollars.

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30 Aug 2017

What Matters — Wednesday, August 30, 2017 — 21 Minutes

On today’s show Matt Caulder speaks with Susan Myrick, of the Civitas Institute, about Mapping the Left, a project of the institute tracking the connections between groups on the Left, and even the connection to the protesters that were arrested in connection with tearing down the statue of Robert E. Lee in Durham.

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07 Aug 2017

What Matters — Monday, Aug 7, 2017 — 50 Minutes

On today’s show we talk with Brooke Medina about a recent article she published on www.nccivitas.org about how people have withdrawn from civic involvement in their communities and the government has stepped into that role, growing in the process. Then we talk with Susan Myrick and Francis De Luca about the State Board of Elections and what is going on with the board transitioning to a new body that includes oversight of ethics and lobbying in the state. Finally we will hear from Susan Myrick again, giving us an update on how unaffiliated voters are set to overtake Republicans in the state as the second largest “voting group.”

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10 Jul 2017

What Matters —Monday, July 10, 2017 — 50 Minutes

This week on What Matters in North Carolina features a conversation between Civitas Institute Elections Policy Analyst Susan Myrick and Hans von Spakovsky, with the Heritage Foundation, about the many legal hurdles facing the state in the way of elections, then we will talk with George Landrith, president of Frontiers of Freedom, about how some are saying that on campus recruiting for jobs is discriminatory and how that is just untrue. Then we will talk with former Gov. Pat McCrory about who he has been spending his time post-election, and what his future plans are, in the public eye and not. Finally we will finish up with Marjorie Dannenfelser with Susan B. Anthony List, to tell us about what her organization has been up to working to elect pro-life legislators to pass pro-life policies. Tune in for this power packed show.


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12 Jun 2017

What Matters — Monday, June 12, 2017

On this week’s show Civitas Institute Executive Vice President Brian Balfour talks about the other democracy in America, the market democracy. Next up is Demi Dowdy, communications coordinator for the institute, who joins the show to talk about a recent article she wrote about the situation in Venezuela and the failed socialist regime there and what a couple of North Carolinians are doing about it. Civitas President Francis De Luca is joined by NC Capitol Connection reporter, and producer for the Freedom Action Network, Matt Caulder to talk about a petition sent out by Progress NC against HB746, installing constitutional carry in the state, and how the petition included a blatant lie about the bill. Closing out the show is Demi again, this time joining Dr. Robert Luebke to discuss statewide school construction bond referendums and their history in the state. Tune in each Monday for the full Sunday show if you missed it on the airwaves.


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