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What Matters for Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Friday listeners! It’s a free for all on today’s show and Chad is following the shiny object on topics. What’s your flag? Can you hang the American flag and the North Carolina flag in your neighborhood? A Brunswick County HOA says you can’t. What about blue moons? Did you know a mistake in a magazine in the 1940’s has led us to misunderstand the real definition of a blue moon for decades? And do you want a robot calling your baseball game? It may be coming to a baseball park near you soon.


In the second hour, News14’s Tim Boyum is in studio for an amusing and informative half-hour recap of the biggest news stories of the week. Chad, Tim and Lisa kickoff the conversation with a few fun stories about slipups they’ve made while on-the-air after Chad makes a small slipup himself. Chad and Tim then quickly get into the recently released fundraising numbers for the possible state gubernatorial candidates. The budget and the lack of progress the legislature has made comes up next.


Finally, Chad concludes the show with a bizarre story about humongous snails in Florida that climb trees and eat stucco off homes. Trust me, it’ll give you the heebie-jeebies and/or give you a good laugh!


That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend everybody!

What Matters for Friday, July 31, 2015

It’s hard NOT to get excited about today’s show. Chad starts off with his disgust over the latest video released about Planned Parenthood. He was so disturbed by the article, he couldn’t read it over the air, but questioned where the agency’s supporters are and why they aren’t commenting over the outrageous videos. And, time is running out for legislators to pass a budget or continuing resolution, AGAIN. Chad shares nothing has been done to move the process or resolving the differences between the House and Senate versions has been accomplished. Then, John Locke Chief Economist Dr. Roy Cordato is in studio to give us a lesson in why the economy cannot support an increase in the minimum wage to the level that the President and other groups are asking. He also explains the origin of the minimum wage.


In hour two, Benjamin Hedin, author of “In Search of the Movement: The Struggle for Civil Rights Then and Now” is in studio. The book discusses how America has progressed on matters of race over the last 50 years. Hedin is in Raleigh for a book signing at Quail Ridge Books & Music. Ben and Chad get into a discussion over the racial differences between the 60’s and today. Ben and Chad talk education inequality, the next election, what he learned from researching this book and where the “Black Lives Matter” movement is going. Finally, do you know where your city rates on the cockroach scale? Chad will tell you where the most cockroaches reside. And what about nutrition labels on food? Does it really help people choose healthier foods? Did you really not know fast food was bad for you before the government told you?
This is truly a show you don’t want to miss (or maybe just want to hear a few times to make sure you heard what you thought you heard the first time).

What Matters for Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy hump day everyone! So much to talk about – so little time. Chad started the show with the latest on the Tony Tata-Governor McCrory debacle. Why did Tata really resign from his position as head of the DOT? It was an awfully swift exit for sure. Director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security David Schanzer, joins Chad from a conference on terrorism in Washington to discuss the Iran deal, the latest threat from ISIS and homegrown terrorism. It’s a fascinating and terrifying conversation from which you can’t stop listening.

In the second hour, Carolina Plott Hound Co-founder, Paul Chesser, talks with Chad about all the news that is worth a link. It’s a great show you’ll want to hear, maybe two or three times.

What Matters for Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday was chock full of news. Chad started the show with the news about the resignation of DOT Secretary Tony Tata, then moved to the hubbub over Monday’s tweet by the head of the state Republican party. Chad also read the letter written by State NAACP Chapter President William Barber to Governor McCrory. It asks for a meeting with the Governor to discuss creating a bill to ban the sale of Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates and other issues he’d like seen passed, both left- and right-leaning.

In hour two, Don Bryson, North Carolina Deputy State Director of Americans for Prosperity, was in studio. Don says AFP has five key issues on which they focus: Certificate of Need, Spending Controls, Tax Cuts, the Renewable Portfolio Standard, and Renewable Energy Tax Credits. Chad and Don also discussed the upcoming Defending the American Dream Summit in Columbus, Ohio in August. Chad will be broadcasting live from the event. If you want to attend, registration runs through this Friday. Chad concluded the show sharing remarks from the Governor’s office on the budget surplus and how he wants to utilize the extra funds.