What Matters for Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mark speaks with Rep. Bob Steinberg (R-Chowan) about voter ID, the state’s overthrown marriage amendment and other judicial activism. Bob says that there is a laundry list of things that require a photo ID and the idea that requiring a photo ID to vote is racist or discriminating is laughable. Bob says that his constituents are absolutely outraged over the three judge panel of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to throw out the 2013 voter ID law. He says that it is all about politics and not the law. Bob says that Democrats are trying to work Hillary Clinton into the White House, even if it means opening up elections in North Carolina to voter fraud to do it. Bob says that a Clinton presidency would open up the state to a flood of liberal federal judges from the Supreme Court on down, leading to more decisions like the one made by the panel to throw out the state’s voter ID law.

Mark speaks with Philip Wegmann, congressional correspondent for the Daily Signal, about his article on how conservatives will need to block a spending bill forming in Washington to be passed as part of the lame-duck session, the period of time from the election in November until new legislators come into office. Philip tells Mark that even though appropriations proceedings don’t get a whole lot of attention that the topic is of great importance, even if it is dry. Mark and Philip talk about 20 years ago Republicans were interested in cutting growth in spending and not cutting spending itself. Mark says that he doesn’t believe there will be a spending cut ever again in the overall budget. Philip says that if Congress can’t cut $30 billion from the budget, which is essentially a rounding error amount of money, then they will never be able to do any meaningful spending cuts.

Mark speaks with Joseph Kyzer, Communications Director for Americans for Prosperity of North Carolina, about their campaign to thank Gov. Pat McCrory for the recent tax cuts for North Carolinians as part of their plan to campaign for McCrory in his upcoming election. Joseph said that people will be able to keep more of their own money after the most recent tax breaks and that AFP-NC wanted to thank McCrory and legislators in the state for putting those policies in place. Mark speaks with Joseph about how the Left will yell about tax cuts as being for the rich but that the cuts put forth in the state are helpful for the 2/3 of taxpayers who don’t itemize their tax returns.  Joseph calls pointing at the specter of tax breaks for the rich as opposed to arguing against the policy is lazy and inaccurate politics. Joseph says that, even though the weather is still toasty, that AFP-NC is getting ready to kick off its Fall Field Plan to educate about the tax cuts. Joseph says that AFP-NC wants to hit a couple thousand doors during the election season.

Mark speaks with Peter Weber, senior editor for The Week, about his article “Is Donald Trump Trying to Throw This Election?” Peter says that it’s hard to believe after everything Trump has said and done that he isn’t actively trying to throw the election. Peter says that Trump can be presidential when he wants to but that he often says things that put him in the light of the media in a seemingly bad way, and the question is whether it helps him or hurts him. Just today in Wilmington Trump made a comment about the Second Amendment community in relation to a possible Hillary Clinton presidency and judicial appointments that would be made by Clinton. Liberals are calling his comment threatening to Clinton. Peter says that Trump seems to love the campaigning aspect of running for president but isn’t sure if Trump will really enjoy being the president.

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