Monthly Archives: January 2017

What Matter-Rep. Robert Pittenger-Tuesday, January 31, 2017-27 Minutes

Mark brings on US Rep. Robert Pittenger, (R-NC) to talk about his participation in this past weekend’s March for Life and the glaring contrast between the Women’s March and the vulgarity and hate that was prevalent, as opposed to the attitude displayed by those marching for the unborn. Also, Pittenger brings us an update from Congress on the status of repealing Obamacare, his thoughts on President Trump’s advocating for a wall to be built between the US and Mexico and the Executive Order yesterday regarding refugees, the temporary travel ban and the need to protect our country.

What Matters-House Special with Reps. John Bradford and Nelson Dollar-Tuesday, January 31, 2017-48 Minutes

Mark brings on two of our leaders from the state House of Representatives for a House Special on this Tuesday. First up is Rep. John R. Bradford (R-Mecklenburg), coming on to talk about tax reform, both what the NC General Assembly has done over the past six years, and what might be ahead this session, as well as his role as Deputy Majority Whip for the House Republicans. Closing out the show is Rep. Nelson Dollar (R-Wake), and the lead budget writer in the House of Representatives, to discuss the bill he filed wherein surviving spouses of first responders and emergency personnel who die in the line of duty will have their property taxes waived. He addresses the concern that has been raised by some from the counties that this is an unfunded mandate.

What Matter-June Atkinson-Monday, January 30, 2017-46 Minutes

Mark speaks with Dr. June Atkinson, former superintendent of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI). She talks about her reelection defeat at the hands of Mark Johnson, what she recalls most about her days as a public school teacher and the differences in teaching today, especially with the myriad technological advances available to students. Also, her thoughts on why she essentially opposes school choice even though it is growing in demand in North Carolina and nationally. And her thoughts on why she used the word “infant” to describe her successor, Johnson as superintendent at DPI.

What Matters-Tim Boyum-Friday, January 27, 2017-26 Minutes

Mark speaks with Tim Boyum, anchor of Capital Tonight on the Time Warner Cable News Channel, about the General Assembly kicking off its 2017 legislative session this week. Also, what type of relationship can we expect between Gov. Roy Cooper and the General Assembly going forward? Will we see a budget from Cooper sooner rather than later? What type of dynamic can we expect with new players on key committees and staff positions in the General Assembly? Will there be the typical controversial “social” bills this time around, or will it be more of a budget-focused-session? Tune in to find out more.