Monthly Archives: February 2017

What Matters-Rep. Mike Clampitt-Tuesday, February 28, 2017-22 Minutes

Mark speaks with Rep. Mike Clampitt, (R-Swain), about his experience so far as a freshman legislator; about the bills he has sponsored so far this session, including the First Responders Act of 2017. Most of Clampitt’s bills are related to his years of experience as a firefighter and fire chief. Clampitt says he knows that getting bills through to becoming law is tough as a freshman, but he is embracing the opportunity to work with his colleagues.

What Matters-Rep. Chuck McGrady-Monday, February 27, 2017-20 Minutes

Mark brings on Rep. Chuck McGrady, (R-Henderson), to discuss, HB 186, his HB 2 repeal bill which has picked up Republican and Democrat cosponsors. McGrady explains the provisions of the bill, and talks about the non-discrimination provisions mirroring that of the provisions already in place by the Federal government and what allowances there are in the bill for municipalities to broaden their non-discrimination provisions through a process of steps that must be taken, including giving citizens the opportunity to petition for a referendum. McGrady says that Gov. Cooper is making efforts to influence Democrats to not support the bill, attempting to undo the bipartisan support which McGrady says is essential for the bill to pass.

What Matters-Speaker Tim Moore and Tim Boyum-Friday, February 24, 2017-36 Minutes

Joining Mark today is Rep. Tim Moore, speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, to talk about the teacher pay raise proposal put forth by Gov. Roy Cooper; the economic progress the state has made under conservative policies; and the various HB 2 repeal bills that have been filed. Of particular interest is HB 186, filed by Rep. Chuck McGrady (R-Henderson), that is opposed by both the NC Values Coalition as well as the militant leftist Equality NC but has not Republican and Democrat cosponsors. Following Moore is Tim Boyum, anchor of Capital Tonight on the Time Warner Cable News Channel, on for his weekly breakdown of the news in the legislature. We talk with Boyum about the various HB 2 repeal bills, the pace of the General Assembly which after nearly a month has only sent one bill to Gov. Cooper, and the “circus-like” situation of the NC Senate trying to hold a confirmation hearing for Sec. Larry Hall which has resulted in a subpoena being issued for his appearance next week after his third refusal to appear before the Senate committee tasked with holding the confirmation hearings.

What Matters-Jenna Robinson and Tami Fitzgerald, Thursday, February 23, 2017-52 Minutes

To kick off this Thursday Mark speaks with Jenna Robinson, president of the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal, about a memo that some faculty members in the UNC System sent to the board that evaluates universities for accreditation in North Carolina. The memo cites 17 “areas of concern” such as members of the NC General Assembly having attended meetings of the UNC-Board of Governors and other items equally as nonsensical. Joining us in studio today is Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the NC Values Coalition, to discuss the various bills that have been filed so far during this legislative session related to repealing HB 2. Specifically, the latest filed Wednesday by Rep. Chuck McGrady (R-Henderson). Fitzgerald breaks down McGrady’s HB 186 and talks about her concerns with the bill.