Monthly Archives: April 2017

What Matters-Hans Von Spakovsky-Friday, April 28, 2017-21 Minutes

Mark speaks with Hans Von Spakovsky, a legal expert with the Heritage Foundation, about the apparent showboating done by District Federal Court Judge William Orrick who issued the temporary ruling Tuesday in a lawsuit over the executive order targeting so-called sanctuary cities and if we are likely to see more or less judicial activism now that Justice Neil Gorsuch has been seated on the U.S. Supreme Court.

What Matters-Brenda Berg-Thursday, April 27, 2017-27 Minutes

Mark speaks with Brenda Berg, president and CEO of BEST NC, a non-profit, nonpartisan coalition of business leaders committed to improving North Carolina’s education system through policy and advocacy. Brenda talks about whether the education establishment in the state will respond in a business-like manner to the growing demand for school choice – seeing it as competition and evaluate what is needed to better position public schools as a viable choice for parents who don’t see it that way now – or, continuing to do things as they have always been done, and heralding more money as the answer.

What Matters-Rep. Beverly Boswell-Wednesday, April 26, 2017-26 Minutes

Mark talks to Rep. Beverly Boswell, (R-Dare) about her experience in the House in her first term and how she doesn’t fit the mold of a “typical” freshman legislator, but has been very engaged from the start and gotten involved in a number of important efforts already.

What Matters-Rep. Nelson Dollar-Tuesday, April 25, 2017-27 Minutes

Mark speak with Rep. Nelson Dollar(R-Wake) about his bill to give victims of crimes more rights such as being informed when their assailant is freed on parole, which would give voters a chance to amend the North Carolina Constitution to recognize victim’s rights. Also Dollar talks about his bill to allow taxpayers to check off on their taxes if they’d like to use part of their refund to go to breast and cervical cancer research.