Interview with Faith and Freedom Coalition Chairman Ralph Reed from June 26, 2016

Still have questions over whether Donald Trump can do the job as President or represent you as a conservative Republican? Mark talks to the Founder and Chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Ralph Reed. Mr. Reed was part of the group of members from the faith community that recently met with Donald Trump about his plans for the nation’s future if he’s elected. Mr. Reed tells Mark that Trump supports Israel, he’s pro-life, and he’s the only candidate to release the names of the nominees he’d put forward for the Supreme Court and that’s important. Mr. Reed says he remained neutral in the primary and admits Mr. Trump is a friend of his, but even if this wasn’t the case, after meeting and talking with him, he fully supports him for President. Mr. Reed says by not caving into political correctness, Mr. Trump has galvanized people to get out to the polls – 6.5 million of whom were evangelical Christians. This is an informative interview you will enjoy hearing and sharing with your friends and family.