Interview with Family Research Council Executive Vice President Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin from July 5, 2016

Family Research Council Executive Vice President, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, discusses the issue of military readiness after last week’s decision by the Pentagon allowing transgenders in the armed services. Host Mark Shiver asks what went through Gen. Boykin’s mind when he first heard the announcement. Gen. Boykin says his first thought was Secretary Carter doesn’t really feel that way.  He is shilling for the administration. He goes on to say, “No one can prove to me that this will have a positive impact on our military. How will this enhance readiness?” In speaking with a Commander in the Navy over the weekend, he was told many Commander’s aren’t sure how to implement the new guidelines. Mark asks what kind of response he’s gotten from enlisted men and women. Gen. Boykin says many want to know where the government is getting the funding when so many vets are having to wait months or even years just to get lifesaving medical treatments at VA centers around the nation.

This is a highly informative and thought-provoking interview which you will really enjoy.