Interview with Rep. Mike Hager on his resignation, from August 16, 2016

Mark speaks with former Rep. Mike Hager about his decision to leave the General Assembly after three terms in the House, in which he rose to the role of House Majority Leader. Mike says that everyone who goes into politics wonders when they will have fulfilled their usefulness and it becomes time to get out, and his time has arrived. Mike says that it is time to leave to spend more time with his family and also respond to the economic pressures of being paid as a part time legislator. He says that it is a bittersweet time for him to be leaving the Legislature and that someone will step into the majority leader role and do a great job just as someone will step into his shoes for his district and will do a great job as well. Looking forward Mike says that he has opportunities in front of them that he does not want to jinx, so stay tuned.