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  1. Thank you, Joe! We hope you’ll keep listening because we’ve got some more fantastic and informative guests coming your way. And, tell a friend or two about us as well. We’d appreciate it.

  2. Great job with your broadcast, today! Really enjoyed hearing your guest, Sen. Norm Sanderson, and you discuss important issues to the citizens of NC. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you, Verne! Lisa, the producer, not only books the guests for the show, but she also writes the show summaries. She appreciates your kind words on her writing. And, yes, one of her majors was in business with a concentration in marketing. Have a great day!

  4. Chad: You have a way about you, sir. Your shows are newsy, current and always informative. And may I add that whoever writes your show summaries is a born promoter. Great job, sir. Please don’t forget your promise to give me a chance to contribute with my Christian conservative viewpoint as showcased on Verne Strickland Facebook and USA DOT COM. Thanks, brother! Verne Strickland 910.815.0120.

  5. So, Chad — if the Confederate flat is so offensive, and has no defenders — perhaps we need to establish a flag for the truly disenfranchised — the defenseless unborn children who have no rights or voice. I want to champion this, and will fly such a flag. This is a movement, “unborn” as yet, which will go viral. Will you help me? We have only to design it. It will be a rallying point Judeo/Christian conservatives. God bless you, my friend.

  6. Chad: Tuned in today. Show sounds great. Will be away from the ‘net now and then. Don’t have remote capabilities to listen. I grew up in another century. Take care, sir!

  7. I’ve found the best use for that AUX cord. Just had the phone plugged into the car radio. Felt like I was in Wilmington.

  8. Thanks Dianne! We were all happy to get things up and running here at “What Matters with Chad Adams” yesterday. 🙂

  9. Verne, we appreciate your positive feedback and we look forward to having you on the show. We’re still working out the kinks right now, but we will be in touch. Thanks for listening!

  10. Chad: Congratulations on this big score! You are going to blaze new trails via WHAT MATTERS to empower the conservative and Judeo/Christian communities in North Carolina and surrounding regions. Very proud of you and know you will distinguish yourself with this new effort. If I can help in any way, would love to. As a protege of the late U.S. Senator Jesse Helms, my political beliefs are deeply ingrained, plus I have 20 years experience with WRAL & NC News Network, service as media consultant to Jesse’s 1982-84 successful re-election campaign, and 20 years as political analyst on the internet. Would like to contribute to your show via text submissions or recorded segments. God bless you, buddy. Verne Strickland, Wilmington NC 910.815.0120.

  11. Might want to update that bio Chad:

    “…and as former Vice-Chairman of the Lee County Board of Commissioners. He was first elected a commissioner in 1998 and *** recently completed his second term***. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, attended graduate school at N.C. State University and is a Fellow [sic]”

  12. I’m listening live today, missed yesterday but listened to podcast. Good to have you back on air. We need your conservative voice. Liked your comments on the NC GOP Convention and AFP.

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