22 Apr

What Matters for Friday, April 22, 2016

Pushing back. That’s what the right is finally doing with regard to the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act and the left can’t stand it. Guest host Mark Shiver starts the show speaking with Guilford County Rep. John Blust. He says he’d like to see the discussion shifted away from the bathroom to the locker room and how people would react then. Mark agrees that would create a different picture in most people’s minds. Rep. Blust stresses this isn’t about the transgender community, it’s about keeping people safe and common sense. Mark asks what he’d like to get accomplished in the short session. Rep. Blust says he’d like to see some campaign finance reform.

Next, Iraq war veteran, small business owner and candidate for Republican National Committeeman Greg Gebhardt joins Mark. He tells Mark about his history serving in Iraq and working with Rep. David Lewis. He explains there is one committeeman and one committeewoman. Marks asks how you run for committeeman. Greg says you contact delegates to the state convention of the Republican party. Mark tells him he’s got a lot of calls to make. Greg agrees and says he’s not afraid of a challenge. He tells Mark leadership is about doing what’s right and he thinks that’s what people are looking for in the state Republican party right now and what is needed to unify the party. Marks asks how Greg feels about the tensions between the party, committee and current leadership. Greg says he doesn’t know how this will play out, but as reasonable people, he thinks they will do reasonable things. He says the most important thing is making sure a Republican ends up in the White House and Governor’s office.

In the second hour, Time Warner Cable News Capital Tonight Anchor Tim Boyum joins Mark. They talk about President Obama’s comments on HB2. Tim says he thinks after all the entertainers, businesses and others who have made a big deal over the law, it seems what the President said is basically being overlooked. They also delve into the Governor’s proposed budget which was rolled out today. Tim says the lack of a raise for state employees didn’t do any favors for the Governor. He adds with the size of SEANC, not getting their endorsement might hurt him in November especially after they endorsed Dale Folwell for Treasurer – a surprising move – this week. You need to listen to get caught up on everything important in the state this week because it’s always great when Tim’s with us.

Finally, Greg Pulscher shares what he’ll be talking about this weekend on his show “Free to Brew.” You can hear the show at 1 p.m. every Saturday with repeats through the weekend.

Angier Mayor Lewis Weatherspoon joins us Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!

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