19 Feb

What Matters for Friday, February 19, 2016

The showdowns are on across the state and we’re not just talking about the redistricting issue. Chad is fired up over the reason lawmakers are having to redraw congressional maps and how much taxpayers will end up shelling out over lawmaker’s decision to redo all of the maps instead of just the two contested districts. And, there’s the upcoming vote in Charlotte Monday that would require public restrooms to be transgender. Chad says this will bring out a lot of supporters and

Next, former Rep. Carolyn Justice calls in to share her thoughts on the newly passed congressional district maps. Rep. Justice says we wouldn’t be in this mess if not for three renegade district court justices. Chad points out there wouldn’t have had an issue if the primary date had never been moved. Rep. Justice adds a timely decision by the Supreme Court would’ve also helped. Both Chad and Rep. Justice agree the districts look much cleaner for the most part. Chad brings up how this affects candidates who are unsure of their districts. They’ll have to continue campaigning in their current district until March 15th and then begin campaigning in their new district. Both Chad and Rep. Justice question why, with all the questions, the decision wasn’t made to move all the primaries to June. This may seem like “inside politics,” but it’s a fast paced, information filled segment.

In the second hour, News14’s Tim Boyum joins us from South Carolina. First, Tim says kangaroo isn’t bad. Chad asks Tim what’s the feel so far. He says he’s been amazed by the support for Donald Trump and would be shocked if he didn’t win the primary. Tim tells Chad what he’s seen proves most Americans elect candidates based on the way they make you feel. He says he had a chance to talk to Kasich who is at the bottom of the pack, but he feels out of everyone, Kasich has the ability to remain in the race for the longest amount of time. He adds if Cruz and Rubio keep splitting the vote, there will be no defeating Trump. Chad asks if there will be lasting wounds from the primaries. Tim believes when a candidate is chosen, the best approach to win voters will be to bash Hillary. It all happens in South Carolina Saturday.

Finally, should Apple give in to the U.S. Government’s demands to create special software that would allow them to access information on one of the San Bernardino terrorist’s cell phones? Before you say yes, Chad gives you the whole story.

Civitas President Francis De Luca joins us Monday and we learn about the Town of Benson from Mayor William Massengill.

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