26 Feb

What Matters for Friday, February 26, 2016

There are as many twists and turns in today’s political circus than there are on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Chad kicks off the show talking about the nastiness that was the last GOP presidential primary debate before Super Tuesday. He shares one reason to vote for Donald Trump that has to do with Rev. Al Sharpton.

Then, Chad speaks to Political Consultant John Davis. Chad asks what he thought of Thursday night’s GOP Presidential Primary debate. Chad asks John why Trump is resonating with the public. John says it comes down to one word, corruption. He tells Chad many Americans equate establishment politicians with corruption now. He says Ohio Governor John Kasich could still make an impact if he holds on while the remaining three fight it out to the bottom. Chad asks if Carson will make a comeback. John says he won’t because he doesn’t have the skillset to address the major problems identified as significant to Americans. Chad asks why people think Trump is qualified. John says because he can’t be bought and he’s not a career politician.  He’s also devoted his life to the creation of private sector wealth which government is dependent on. Chad asks John if he got the call tomorrow to be Cruz’s consultant, what he’d tell him. John says he’s not sure you can turn someone around that is not liked as much as Cruz. He compares Cruz with President Obama except Obama is optimistic while Cruz is extremely pessimistic. John says with regard to Rubio, he needs to grow up – just give him four more years or so. When it comes to the new congressional maps, John says you may not always want to watch the sausage being made, but this is good sausage.

In the second hour, News14’s Tim Boyum joins Chad. He’s still in South Carolina awaiting the Democratic presidential primary. Tim is sitting outside of an event where Bill and Hillary Clinton will be speaking. He says there is definitely a different feel from the Republican race a week before. Tim says he’ll be glad to be back home next week if his wife lets him come home. Chad asks Tim about the congressional maps. Tim says he’s not a politician or lawyer so he doesn’t know whether the maps will be accepted or not. Chad agrees. He says there are so many additional candidates indicating their interest in running for a spot in the newly proposed districts, this could become extremely interesting.

Finally, Rep. Justin Burr calls in to the show. He tells Chad he’s 100% behind coming back into session to take action against Charlotte City Council’s decision to make all public restrooms transgender. Chad asks him about the attacks he’s come under by the Chamber. Rep. Burr says it’s just weird for this to happen and concerning since he’s the only incumbent this is happening to.

Monday we speak to Civitas President Francis De Luca and we learn about the town of Ahoskie from Mayor Jimmie Rowe.

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