29 Jan

What Matters for Friday, January 29, 2016

It’s a jam-packed show to cap off a busy week! Chad shares the State Supreme Court decision over the power of the General Assembly compared to the power of the Governor. This related specifically to a trio of commissions including one overseeing coal ash cleanup. But, as Chad points out, the ruling could have repercussions on many committees.

Then, Chad talks to Citizens United President David Bossie. He tells Chad what Citizens United does, what they hope to accomplish moving forward and how the organization got started. Trust me, they’re more than just videos.

And next up is NCSU Political Science Professor Dr. Andrew Taylor. He breaks down the Fox News debate and what it was like without the frontrunner, Donald Trump. Chad asks if there was a marked difference without Trump or if it was just him. Dr. Taylor says there was definitely an odd feel without Trump – both in the audience and viewers at home. Chad notes the tone didn’t seem less visceral. Dr. Taylor points out Cruz seemed to be on the defensive – in fact, almost taking on Trump’s role. Chad plays the clip on immigration between Rubio and Paul and then Rubio’s remarks about Cruz’s record in the Senate on immigration. Dr. Taylor says he’s trying to point out how Cruz is not transparent on his record – especially about immigration. He compares this to Rubio’s run in 2012 in differentiating himself against Newt Gingrich. Chad asks if any candidate differentiated themselves. Dr. Taylor says he doesn’t think so. Chad agrees though he thought Christie and former Bush did a much better job without having Trump on stage. Both Chad and Dr. Taylor noted how Santorum and Huckabee went from the undercard debate to the Trump rally. Dr. Taylor notes this must have been really embarrassing for both of them. Chad says he was impressed Dr. Taylor admitted to watching the Trump rally. Dr. Taylor says he kept switching back and forth to see where Trump was physically because if he had strolled in to the debate, it would have been fantastic television.

In the second hour, News14’s Tim Boyum joins us. Chad asks him his thoughts on the federal investigation into the misspent HHS funds. Tim says perhaps the agency is just too large. Chad asks about the I-77 toll road issue. Tim says Robert Brawley told him Tony Tata said other roads were being considered for these managed lanes. Chad and Tim agree this will probably won’t have a big impact on the Governor’s race, but could have big repercussions on who becomes the next House Speaker. Tim says he thinks this will be something that goes back to the legislature. Chad brings up the 10% teacher raises recommended by Superintendent June Atkinson. Tim says he had Superintendent Atkinson on his show Thursday and asked her how this could be funded and she said basically it’s an election year so anything can be pushed through. When it comes to the Common Core curriculum, Tim says because they didn’t change the math standard, it throws it back to Senator Jerry Tillman which is not a story that’s being talked about a lot. Chad questions Tim on fundraising between the Governor and the Attorney General. Tim says while $800,000 is a lot of money, there’s still quite a lot of outside money that hasn’t come in to either campaign yet. This is a fast-paced, information packed and fun segment each and every week and this week is no exception.

Finally, there’s a Maryland school that is allegedly teaching students that Islam is the right religion and all others are not. They taught that Islam is the only peaceful religion and instructed students on jihad. The parent involved in the lawsuit is a veteran. That’s just not legal….or right.

Monday we learn about the Town of Louisburg from Mayor Karl Pernell and catch up on all the latest happenings at Civitas from President Francis De Luca.

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