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What Matters for Friday, July 22, 2016

“He didn’t try to redefine the conservative ideology and that was smart.” That’s what Associate Professor of Political Science at Davidson College, Dr. Susan Roberts says about Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s 76 minute acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. She tells Mark it was a very “me” speech. Mark asks about Trump’s assertion that Bernie Sanders’ supporters will not fall behind Hillary Clinton, but him. Dr. Roberts says she does not for the simple reason that millennials will have a much more difficult time embracing Trump. She says Ted Cruz may have done more harm than good to his political aspirations if he indeed intends to run in 2020, and he certainly didn’t make any friends in the party. Dr. Roberts points out Trump may have benefited more by waiting to make an appearance at the end of the convention instead of each night.

Then, 4th Congressional District Candidate, Sue Googe, joins Mark. She went to Cleveland to the Republican National Convention as an attendee. She says the convention was very exciting and Trump’s speech was inspiring. Mark asks her thoughts on party unity. Sue says all Republicans – candidates and voters – must unite behind Donald Trump if they want to defeat Hillary Clinton in November. Mark asks why she is running for Congress. Sue says because she feels Congressman David Price is not doing the job for which his constituents elected him to do.

In the second hour, Time Warner Cable News Capital Tonight Anchor, Tim Boyum, tells Mark about the last night of the RNC before he gets on a bus to Philadelphia. Tim says the momentum was really strong Thursday night. Mark asks him to rate the RNC as a whole. He says it was like a roller coaster with the controversy over Melania Trump’s speech and the Ted Cruz moment to Trump’s children and  Trump’s acceptance speech, there were truly highs and lows. Mark asks what was happening with the lady who seemed to be protesting. Tim explains she was a protestor and taken out of the convention center earlier in the week and gotten back in. He’s now heading to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention.

Then, Founder and President of BOND (Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny), author of “The Antidote: Healing America From The Poison Of Hate, Blame And Victimhood,” and talk show host, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, joins Mark. Rev. Peterson says we are losing the country and it’s time we put God back in our lives. He says men need to step up and be fathers. He tells Mark, “These race hustlers, instead of telling their children to forgive, they’re telling them to be angry at white people.” He says there is no such thing as racism – African-Americans’ have been lied to by their parents and their leaders. He says the President has done more harm to this country by continuing to foment the #BlackLivesMatter movement when he could’ve been a role model for black youths. He even took on activists and supporters of the movement in a special episode of “The Kelly File” on the The Fox News Channel which focused on policing and race in America over who is responsible for the violence and racial strife in the country. Rev. Peterson has a powerful message and this is a fabulous segment you don’t want to miss. Check out Rev. Peterson’s website for more great interviews, opinions, blogs and links to his books.

Finally, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Economics at NC State University, Dr. Mike Walden, shares the third-quarter economic outlook for North Carolina. He says the CSX deal was great for Edgecombe County; however, the growth across the state will be uneven as some areas have unemployment rates of 6% or higher. He says one issue a lot of these areas of the state have is the talent wants to stay in the more populous regions and not go back to their rural roots. He tells Mark getting more manufacturing plants will help bring jobs back to the rural regions. Dr. Walden says we should anticipate continued job growth.

NC State Political Science Professor Dr. Andrew Taylor, Civitas President Francis De Luca, Sanford Mayor Chet Mann and Climatologist, Author, Former NASA Scientist Dr. Roy Spencer join us Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!

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