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What Matters for Friday, July 29, 2016

Stand tall, don’t be exploited, let’s play ball is just some of what 9th District Congressman Robert Pittenger said in a letter to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver about their pulling the 2017 All Star game out of Charlotte allegedly over HB 2. Congressman Pittenger tells Mark in his initial letter he called out the NBA over their hypocrisy as they continue to hold games in China where there are constant cases of abuse to women, but yet they feel HB 2 is so radically discriminatory they cannot hold a game in our state. Congressman Pittenger also briefly touches on his address to the Veterans of Foreign Wars 117th National Convention this past Tuesday. He says there is a need for greater accountability and transparency at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Next, Civitas Election Policy Analyst, Susan Myrick, joins us to break down the ruling by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals repealing the Voter Information and Verification Act of 2013. Susan explains though the ruling stated the VIVA laws were adopted with discriminatory intent, the data shows more African-Americans have voted in the state than prior to the laws inception. Susan says this is another attempt by the left to create chaos at the polls. Mark asks about an article Susan penned for Civitas questioning whether the judge hearing the state voter id case

Most extreme, radical and liberal ruling ever handed down is how House Speaker Tim Moore describes the ruling by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals on North Carolina’s VIVA laws. Speaker Moore tells Mark the system was wrought with fraud and that is why the very liberal rules were put in place concerning voter id. Speaker Moore says as a member of the legislature who voted for this law, he takes great exception to this allegation that the law was adopted with discriminatory intent. He tells Mark you can be certain this will be sent to the Supreme Court.

In the second hour, Associate Professor of Political Science & Director of the Survey Research Center at High Point University, Dr. Martin J. Kifer, joins Mark. He delves into some of the polling he has been doing throughout the primaries leading up to the conventions. Dr. Kifer says his operating theory at this time is people will be voting like they are registered. This is a fascinating discussion of how voters in North Carolina may act when they head to the polls in November that you will definitely want to listen to and share.

Finally, Mark reminds us why we need to stay vigilant in our support of HB 2 – especially when dealing with bullies like the NBA.

Terrorism Expert and Investigative Management Group CEO Robert Strang, Civitas President Francis De Luca, Brevard Mayor Jimmy Harris and New York Times bestselling author and Director of Jihad Watch Robert Spencer join us Monday.

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