30 Jul

What Matters for Friday, July 31, 2015

It’s hard NOT to get excited about today’s show. Chad starts off with his disgust over the latest video released about Planned Parenthood. He was so disturbed by the article, he couldn’t read it over the air, but questioned where the agency’s supporters are and why they aren’t commenting over the outrageous videos. And, time is running out for legislators to pass a budget or continuing resolution, AGAIN. Chad shares nothing has been done to move the process or resolving the differences between the House and Senate versions has been accomplished. Then, John Locke Chief Economist Dr. Roy Cordato is in studio to give us a lesson in why the economy cannot support an increase in the minimum wage to the level that the President and other groups are asking. He also explains the origin of the minimum wage.


In hour two, Benjamin Hedin, author of “In Search of the Movement: The Struggle for Civil Rights Then and Now” is in studio. The book discusses how America has progressed on matters of race over the last 50 years. Hedin is in Raleigh for a book signing at Quail Ridge Books & Music. Ben and Chad get into a discussion over the racial differences between the 60’s and today. Ben and Chad talk education inequality, the next election, what he learned from researching this book and where the “Black Lives Matter” movement is going. Finally, do you know where your city rates on the cockroach scale? Chad will tell you where the most cockroaches reside. And what about nutrition labels on food? Does it really help people choose healthier foods? Did you really not know fast food was bad for you before the government told you?
This is truly a show you don’t want to miss (or maybe just want to hear a few times to make sure you heard what you thought you heard the first time).

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