20 May

What Matters for Friday, May 20, 2016

Sen. Jerry Tillman (R-Randolph) joined Mark Shiver on What Matters in North Carolina to discuss what’s going on with any charter school legislation during the Short Session, the controversy surrounding HB2 and whether he has any regrets about the legislation being passed. Also, we discussed the Senate budget that will be proposed soon to answer the House’s budget passed this week. Reaching out further, we discuss national politics and the presumptive nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican candidate.

In the first hour, we also had James Sherk, Research Fellow in Labor Economics at the Heritage Foundation to discuss his article “Obama’s Overtime Rule Tried at IBM, and It Didn’t Work” and Rep. Robert Pittenger, who represents the 9th District of NC, to discuss his legislation to help combat our opioid epidemic and the heroin crisis that is stemming from the abuse of opioid medications.

To start off the second hour, we had on Time Warner Cable News Senior Political Reporter Loretta Boniti, to discuss all the news that matters. She and Mark talk HB2, the budget and more.

Dale Gillmore , chairman  of the Make an Impact Foundation, finishes out the hour. He and Mark discuss the foundation’s efforts to help the children in Flint, Michigan, who are dealing with a contaminated water crisis, by building new playgrounds. Gillmore, a Flint native, hopes to ignite a furor to give the people of Flint more than just playgrounds.

Jeremy Tedesco, Senior Counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, Zebulon Mayor Robert Matheny, Senator Bob Rucho and Moore County Commissioners Chair Nick Picerno join us Monday.

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