21 Oct

What Matters for Friday, October 21, 2016

Mark opens a packed show with Janie Wagstaff, president of the ICON Lecture Series, to discuss the origin and history of the conservative lecture series and the challenges to being a conservative voice in a predominately liberal area of North Carolina as well as the recent bullying they and the venue site were subjected to surrounding Diana West’s appearance last Tuesday evening. Following up Janie is Diana West herself, author and journalist, to discuss her thoughts on the irony of being bullied before her talk on political correctness in a part of North Carolina by groups that assert free speech for themselves and the politically correct but no one else. Mark finishes out the show with Tim Boyum, anchor of Capital Tonight on Time-Warner Cable News, to discuss the frequency at which the two presidential candidates continuing to come to North Carolina, his thoughts on this week’s gubernatorial debate and whether down-ballot races will start to get more attention now that the presidential debates are over.

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