23 Oct

What Matters for Friday, October 23, 2015

It may be sunny in North Carolina, but in the Pacific, all eyes are on Hurricane Patricia. Chad talks to Joe Bastardi, Chief Forecaster and Meteorologist at Weatherbell.com, who predicts Manzanillo, Mexico could suffer catastrophic damage from the Category 5 storm. Joe says though it will lose strength over the mountains of Mexico, it will retain enough structure to reform in the Gulf of Mexico to bring tropical storm conditions to Texas. And, it’s not done with the U.S. yet. Joe forecasts the storm’s remnants interacts with the jet stream bringing severe weather to parts of the Midwest all the way to the Great Lakes. Joe adds that this storm is being used as proof that global warming/climate change needs to be addressed immediately which is a waste of time. Chad agrees. And, if you want to know whether the hurricane season is over in the Atlantic, you need to hear Joe’s predictions. After all, he is one of the best in the business.

In the second hour, News14’s Tim Boyum joins Chad in studio. They talk about the appointment of Former Education Secretary Margaret Spellings as head of the UNC System and how much she’ll be paid. They also discuss who has dropped out of the race in the General Assembly and who remains. It’s always fun when Tim is in!

Finally, Chad tells us that scientists are trying to lengthen the life of dogs. The most interesting part is how they’re doing it. I think you’ll be surprised.

On Monday’s show, Les Lawrence, author of “Simple Zionism” and ICON Lecture Series Speaker, will give us a preview of what he’ll be discussing along with Dr. Mark Harris regarding the worldwide persecution of Christians and Antisemitism and what we can do about it and the Mayor of Oxford Jackie Sergent.

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