28 Oct

What Matters for Friday, October 28, 2016

Mark opens the show with Tim Boyum, anchor of Capital Tonight on Time-Warner Cable News, to discuss the state of the presidential campaigns in North Carolina, early voting, and down-ballot races. Also, he talks about his interviews this week with Rev. Franklin Graham, Gov. McCrory and AG Roy Cooper. Then Mark brings on Todd Gaziano, executive director and senior fellow in constitutional law at the Pacific Legal Foundation, to discuss his op-ed in the Investor’s Business Daily which focuses on the importance of the U.S. Senate races, and how the appointment of Federal judges and justices to the Supreme Court can be stymied or advanced by strong US Senators. To close out the show Mark speaks with David Shestokas, author of “Constitutional Sound Bites” about how Hillary Clinton in the last debate said she would appoint justices to the Supreme Court that would “best represent us” which shows she either does not understand the Constitutional role of the Supreme Court, or has an intentional plan to appoint justices that would represent the social and moral ideology that she and those on the Left are advocating for. Tune in for more.

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