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What Matters for Friday, September 25, 2015

It’s a rainy Friday, but the sun is shining brightly with all the great guests we have on the show today. Guest host Civitas President Francis De Luca begins with the biggest news in the nation, the resignation of House Speaker John Boehner. In fact, North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows called for him to step down before the end of the last session. Then President of Environmentalists for Effective Education and NCSU Associate Professor Dr. Bart Danielsen is in studio to talk about reforming education to improve our environment. Dr. Danielsen describes a Tuitioning System. Vermont has over 200 school districts but 93 don’t have a public school.  Instead, the town pays for the student to attend whatever school they want to attend – that includes private schools or even a school in another town or state. This system has been in place for over 150 years. In fact, crime rates have fallen in areas using this model and home price have increased as well. It’s a fascinating discussion that provides a whole different angle on the topic of school choice.

In the second hour, News14’s Tim Boyum joins Francis in studio. They share their opinions on the resignation of Speaker Boehner. Tim wonders how much Congressman Meadows call for the Speaker to step down had to do with his actual decision. Francis and Tim agree it would be hard for anyone to defeat Meadows in his district. Francis asks Tim if he thinks the Governor will sign the bill moving all primaries to March. Tim says he’s not sure, but the Governor did tell him he preferred a split primary because he felt it benefitted state candidates by giving them more time to campaign and raise funds. The two have plenty of news to talk about this week. You’ll enjoy it.

Finally, Francis speaks with Guilford County Representative John Blust about the passage of HB373 which was passed Thursday. Rep. Blust says he sees the Republican majority emulating a lot of what their Democratic predecessors did. For example, breaking process by sliding provisions into bills and not telling other members, much less their constituents, these changes have been made. Specifically, this bill now allows the creation of something akin to a Super PAC made out of caucuses. Rep. Blust tells Francis he wants to see the GA pass spending caps before they adjourn next week. It’s a great and informative discussion.

Chad returns on Monday (If Francis will relinquish the host chair) with guest Town of Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens.

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