24 Aug

What Matters for Monday, August 24, 2015

Schools across the state are back in session, but the school of rational thought never took a summer vacation. Chad goes on a rant about how incentives aren’t useful to bring new business to our state. And it’s Mayor Monday so we have on special guest, Spring Lake Mayor Chris Rey. Mayor Rey, who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, is not only taking care of a growing and thriving community, but he’s considering a run against sitting Senator Richard Burr. The second-term Democrat tells Chad the reason he’s considering a Senate run is because he’s seen how hard it is in today’s economy for people to live day-to-day. He thinks a lawmaker should consider what it’s like to almost have the lights turned off to fully understand the condition of struggling families today. Mayor Rey says state lawmakers are pushing education funding down to local levels who cannot afford it. He feels major changes need to be made and not enough is currently being done.

In the second hour, Civitas President Francis De Luca joins Chad to discuss the first day of school and the forecasted problems that didn’t happen across the state. Chad shares a story from WSOC in Charlotte where a school is missing thousands of dollars in office furniture. Francis wonders how you steal office furniture. The two then move on to the budget and how lawmakers can stop the clock to avoid having to pass another continuing resolution. The current resolution expires in one week if a budget is not passed.

Chad concludes the show with special guest NC Capitol Connection Reporter Matt Caulder. Matt wrote an article revealing more than 100 local email addresses from employees from state, county, local, and municipal government and even state school systems found on the list of clients of pro-affair website Ashley Madison. The names were recently publicized on the deep net by hackers. The article was not written to reveal the person specifically, but to reveal that taxpayer dollars may have been spent for these services. And, that’s just how many Matt’s found so far. Prepare to be shocked.

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