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What Matters for Monday, July 25, 2016

Last week the focus was on Cleveland as Republicans held their National Convention. This week, eyes turn to Philadelphia and the Democratic National Convention. Breaking down what happened last week’s highs and lows and giving us an idea of what to expect this week is NC State Political Science Professor, Dr. Andrew Taylor. He says the RNC was a roller coaster ride. He says overall, Donald Trump seemed to get a slight bump in numbers from the convention. He adds that if Trump continues to do well in the polls that will help motivate unity in the Republican party. Mark asks what we can expect to see at the DNC this week. Dr. Taylor says there’s already a marked difference because Hillary Clinton has been known for 25 years. However, they are going to try to reintroduce her this week. Dr. Taylor says it would be much more fruitful for Democrats to really go after Trump instead of trying to soften their candidate’s edges because they simply won’t work.  He say Sanders obtained some victories from Clinton that Cruz did not from Trump. He got the party to change trajectory on long-term issues like raising the minimum wage and eliminating college tuition. Mark asks about the GOP’s appeal to millennials. Dr. Taylor says there has not been a strong, concerted effort to reach millennials on issues that pertain to them and could keep them in the party for the long term. It could be a challenge to make gains in the millennial generation.

Next, it’s Mayor Monday and we head to City of Sanford and speak to Mayor Chet Mann. He describes the town as a mid-size city with a small town feel. Mark asks about an email he sent to town council members addressing ideas he had about reducing crime while not causing a racial divide between police and the community. He says he never meant for that email to become public, but since it has, he goes on to explain that more needs to be done in individual communities – especially from faith-based groups – to get to children when they are young and try to reduce the violent behavior that seems rampant in some areas. Mark asks how he got into politics. He says his family has lived there for four generations and he got into politics after the Great Recession.

Then, Conservative Review Senior Editor, Daniel Horowitz, discusses his latest article “Paging Mr. Trump: North Carolina Needs You.” He says HB 2 is just a reaction to the left’s radical agenda. Horowitz says it’s no secret Donald Trump is not extremely religious since God wasn’t mentioned once besides his saying “God Bless America.” He says Trump needs to take his megaphone and trumpet his support for HB 2 legislation which it doesn’t appear he will do if he is elected. Mark asks the importance of Trump being the one to select the next Supreme Court justice. Daniel says the courts have already been lost for conservatives. Unless Ruth Bader Ginsberg passes, the one justice will just replace Scalia and the lower courts are the ones who are making the most controversial decisions right now.

In the second hour, Civitas President Francis De Luca joins Mark. They break down the NBA’s decision not to hold their NBA All-Star game in Charlotte. Francis says with North Carolina’s trillion dollar economy, a $100 million hit is really not all that much. Plus, it’s hypocritical by the NBA to make this change since when they decided to hold the game in Charlotte in 2015, HB 2 was not in effect. They segue to a discussion of how to fund pensions for state employees over time. Francis explains targeted pension plans are the best solution. These are plans which allow employees to contribute a certain amount of their income and provide a certain percentage match that goes into a 401K style account where the employee selects the funds in which they’d like to invest.

Finally, Climatologist, Author and former NASA Scientist Dr. Roy Spencer discusses the effects of CO2 on the climate. He looked at the numbers from the U.N. on CO2 emission and temperature data after statements by Secretary of State John Kerry over the weekend that the amount of CO2 released by the refrigerant in a refrigerator being more dangerous than ISIS. He tells Mark the world will continue to be reliant on fossil fuels for the next few decades. He explains there has been no real economical solution to replace fossil fuels. In fact, he adds, the use of alternative energy has led to deaths in the UK because people cannot afford to pay their power bills. He goes on to say air conditioning and refrigeration has saved more lives than it has raised the temperature of the earth so why Sec. Kerry would say what he did makes absolutely no sense. There are some areas of science that are well understood and some are barely understood – like climate change.

AFP State Director Donald Bryson and “Crisis of Character” author Gary J. Byrne and others from the DNC join us tomorrow.

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