23 Nov

What Matters for Monday, November 23, 2015

Does the way you lean politically change the meaning of capitalism? Of course it doesn’t. But, as Chad discusses, many would think the contribution of funds by the Koch Brothers for a new school promoting capitalism at Western Carolina was the way for Republicans to infiltrate the state.

Then, Chad speaks to Kitty Hawk’s Mayor, Gary Perry. Kitty Hawk and the surrounding area, plays a big part in the history of the state as well as the nation. Chad asks the Mayor how beach re-nourishment efforts are going and if there will be a time they’ll give up. Mayor Perry goes into the ways the town tries to keep up with the movement of sand through winds and storms. He explains the difficulties in rebuilding Highway 12 in Kitty Hawk. He defines “hot spots” and how they were created. These hot spots, which in the Ice Age were actually tidal inlets, continue to cause problems in keeping the road drivable. They also discuss County versus County arguments over tolls on ferries. The Mayor says the Ocracoke to Hatteras ferry is no different than a highway that residents use every day and has to be maintained. And they also talk fishing. You’ll learn a lot about this beautiful part of our state.

In hour two, Civitas President Francis De Luca joins Chad in studio. They start by delving into the breaking news of the resignation of the state’s Chief Information Officer, Chris Estes. They also delve into the falling price of gas and what it means to other forms of alternative energy. And Francis teases the changes being rolled out to the popular application, “Mapping the Left.”

Chad ends the show by talking to 17-year-old entrepreneur Zachary Glontz. Zachary is a high school senior in Clemmons who started the business “Animal Doodies” when he was 12. He tells Chad how he got the business started in 8th grade. Zach says he has over 40 customers and five employees working for him. Chad tells Zach how impressed he is with the level of thought and marketing skills used in putting together his business and website. He tells Chad about his plans for the future which include franchising his business.

Tomorrow, AFP’s Donald Bryson is in studio and discussing Education and “Smart Growth” is Cato Institute Senior Fellow Randal O’Toole.

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