28 Nov

What Matters for Monday, November 28, 2016

To start off the week Mark opens the Monday show with Rep. Donnie Lambeth to discuss Medicaid and the status of the “waiver” that the federal government must sign off on in order to implement the reforms passed by the General Assembly last session, and whether a Trump administration move it along quicker. Also Lambeth talks about what to expect in the way of additional reforms in the upcoming session. For the “Mayor Monday” segment Mark brings on Mayor Bob Scott, of Franklin, NC, to find out what makes Franklin special, tell us a bit of the history behind Franklin and the challenges of managing things like infrastructure needs, in a smaller municipality. Closing out the show Mark speaks with Mayor Adam O’Neal of Belhaven, on the latest in the ongoing battle to re-open the former Pungo District Hospital in Belhaven, and most recently keep it from being demolished. Pantego Creek LLC got a permit on Nov. 6 to demolish the historic building, but O’Neal says they have gotten a restraining order to postpone the demolition until a hearing is held within the next week or so. Tune in for more!

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