30 Nov

What Matters for Monday, November 30, 2015

What is the law when it comes to reporting campaign finances? An article in the N&O shows many lawmakers seem to be having trouble in differentiating what expenses are related to holding public office and itemizing expenditures so there are no questions from voters or the State Board of Elections. As Civitas President Francis De Luca says, “When you’re in public office, you have to be beyond reproach.” So true.

We head east to Washington, NC and speak to Mayor Mac Hodges. The second term Mayor tells Chad about the city which was the first in America named after General George Washington. An ECU graduate, Mayor Hodges says he gets teased by his wife and others when he drives his van painted in the school colors of purple and gold in the Christmas parade. He talks about the need for a hotel downtown as the “final piece of the puzzle” in drawing more tourists to the area. Regarding economic incentives, Mayor Hodges says, “We all know where most of the money goes and it’s not east of I-95.” It’s an interesting look at another of our state’s many historical and fascinating cities.

In the second hour, Civitas President Francis De Luca is in studio. He and Chad delve into how the media is reporting on the Climate Change Summit in Paris.  Francis tells Chad about an article he’d read that he’d thought was written by a stringer with the AP or Reuters; instead, he discovered it was written by someone in Wake Forest University’s Journalism department. Chad asks Francis when Civitas will release its legislative report card. Francis says it’s being worked on right now. He also asks listener’s to call and voice their opinion on state lawmakers. There is also a change to the report that Francis details.

Finally, there’s a lot of new laws that are now in effect. Do you know them? You could be breaking one right now. Or, more likely, some of your rights might have been taken away.

On tomorrow’s show, former Division of Employment Security Assistant Secretary Dale Folwell and AFP State Director Donald Bryson.

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