26 Oct

What Matters for Monday, October 26, 2015

Do you believe the role of government is to create jobs in the private sector? Most conservatives do not, but, as Chad explains, many who claim to be Republicans are not pushing to enact legislation that is conservative. We’re seeing it across the state in school funding and revitalizing downtown areas with taxpayer monies. Next, Chad speaks to Town of Oxford Mayor Jackie Sergent. She tells him how the town’s businesses keeps customer’s coming back by giving them that “personal touch.” She tells him they are also trying to attract the next generation by creating a new layout for the town to accommodate future growth. Chad asks what she sees happening in the town over the next ten years. Mayor Sergent says she envisions moderate and manageable growth as part of a four county partnership that created footprints for growth and the place where people want to come to get away from the “big cities” in the Triangle. She tells Chad she doesn’t think parties should have anything to do with local politics. It’s a fascinating and informative interview.

Next up is Les Lawrence, a Christian Zionist. He describes to Chad the difference between someone who says they’re anti-Jew and anti-Israel. Mr. Lawrence explains that if you believe the bible is from God, you cannot be anti-Semitic. Mr. Lawrence says it doesn’t take many radical Muslims to create a tipping point similar to that that led to the buildup of the Nazi regime. If you want to learn more about what the world thinks of Israel now compared to the past, you want to hear this interview.

Finally, Chad talks to Civitas President Francis De Luca about misconceptions many in the public have about what stories are newsworthy and whether a story being covered boils down to partisan issues. What do you think?

AFP State Director Don Bryson hosts the show tomorrow with guests Dr. Mark Harris and AFP’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Brent Gardner.

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