29 Sep

What Matters for Monday, September 28, 2015

On today’s show, Chad discusses the intricacies of HB373 which creates a new form of fundraising committee which would be allowed to act as a political party. The legislation as passed allows for four such committees: one headed by the House Speaker, one by the Senate leader, and the remaining two by their counterparts in the minority political party. The bill is getting lots of discussion, including possible negative consequences that would develop if it becomes law. It’s sitting on Governor McCrory’s desk awaiting a veto OR approval.  This bill is the same that moves the NC primary date to March 15th.  Why this last minute provision about the political committees was added is a mystery.

Chad has a great discussion with Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens as part of our Mayor Monday segment.  He and Chad talk about issues in the town including the removal of the word, “Confederate” on the old library and the impact of the historic preservation tax credits remaining in the recently approved state budget.

In the second hour, Chad wraps things up with a call from former Rep. Glen Bradley, who attended the NCGOP Executive meeting. He and Chad chat about how the opposition to incentives are now part of the GOP platform and they delve into the ongoing problems with Rep. David Lewis who is facing expulsion as the RNC committeeman in the state.

And guess what, there IS water on Mars!

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