20 Aug

What Matters for Thursday, August 20, 2015

What a fabulous show! Chad starts with a story about how bald eagles and golden eagles can breathe easier after a California judge ruled the wind industry couldn’t legally kill the protected birds. Next, Chad talks about the Global Warming myth and trends in weather with WeatherBELL Chief Meteorologist Joe Bastardi. He tells Chad those who advocate global warming may have an agenda to push. He explains looking at historical weather data is much more accurate in predicting future weather trends. In fact, Joe predicted a storm would hit the northeast coast of the U.S. years before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. Chad even persuades Joe to give a prediction for the upcoming winter in North Carolina. You’ll have to listen to see what Joe says and you want to hear his prediction – trust us.

Director of Education Studies with the John Locke Foundation, Dr. Terry Stoops kicks off the second hour. Chad and Terry discuss school choice and Lt. Governor Dan Forest’s video about funding education. Terry tells Chad the video is a mixed bag. Terry says republicans are missing the boat by not having addressed how education is funded earlier.

And, if you didn’t get enough enjoyment out of the previous segments, Chad shares a story about new EPA regulations requiring open water reservoirs be covered and the recent story from L.A. where black balls were dumped into a portion of the reservoir to prevent evaporation but instead are creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. So, what was the real reason for the project – EPA regulations or preventing evaporation? Sounds like a lot of spinning was going on when that story was written.

Tomorrow, don’t miss Chad live from AFP’s “Defending the American Dream” summit in Columbus, Ohio.

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