27 Aug

What Matters for Thursday, August 27, 2015

Welcome to Thursday and another continuing resolution from state lawmakers. Chad starts off going through what has been accomplished on the budget today at the legislature. It seems to have come to verbal sparring over whether to pass another resolution or stay through the weekend and get the job done. Then, Grassroots NC Development Director and Triangle Shooting Academy spokesperson Josette Chmiel discusses gun rights and Wednesday’s tragic shooting in Virginia. Chad asks why it seems that the weapons get blamed in some shootings while the shooter gets blamed in other cases. Josette says when the Constitution was written, there were no automatic weapons, but yet, guns, except in the most unusual of cases, do not kill by themselves and we still have the right to carry them. She points out that many North Carolina sheriffs have concealed carry permit money in their budget, but don’t support their constituents having the permits. She stresses to keep Second Amendment rights intact, people have to become actively and not passively involved.

Discussing the perfect storm of subsidies and global warming, Dr. Roy Cordato, from the John Locke Foundation, joins Chad in studio. Chad explains that Dr. Cordato can’t stand subsidies or global warming, so a recent attack on the Koch Brothers by the White House had him fired up. Chad reads a statement from the Koch brothers saying corporate subsidies are the equivalent of corporate welfare. Dr. Cordato shares that the President believes that crony capitalism is the equivalent of the free market system. Chad and Dr. Cordato agree that many on the left don’t seem to understand the definition of free market.

Finally, Demi tells Chad about the most tweeted about topics. She shares that McDonald’s sells 75 hamburgers a second and some interesting tweets by Hillary Clinton. It’s both a serious and light look at today’s most interesting and topical tweets.

On tomorrow’s show, Weatherbell Chief Meteorologist Joe Bastardi tells us whether to worry about Tropical Storm Erika and News14’s Tim Boyum will be in studio to tall all the news worthy of discussion.


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